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Happy Holidays from Revolution Dating!!!

The Singles Scene
By: Kelly Leary

This is it…we are just a few days away from Christmas! Magic and miracles surround us. Eyes are sparkling and champagne is bubbling. Happy couples are “happier” and NEW couples are popping up so fast in December we can hardly keep up with the good news in our office. Almost every day this week we have had a new couple declare their “exclusivity.” This makes me think to myself: “Why do some people find love so much quicker than others?” Here is what I have come up with …

1. Don’t be a Grinch! By far the worst trait exemplified by the Grouchy Grinch in the famous Dr. Suess story…this is the NUMBER ONE reason why people strike out. When dating or otherwise…DON’T complain, whine, act negative or Grinch out! You could be the most handsome man or beautiful woman, BUT if you have Grinch qualities (any time of year)…it will take much longer! Likewise, if you are average in looks with an optimistic soul you will find love quicker then a Cover Girl with a bad attitude. My staff and I know this fact VERY WELL. Remedy: Happiness is a choice. If you can’t shake the blues or grouchies on your own, then ask a friend for help, read a book or maybe try a counseling session or two.

2. Expand your horizons. The narrow minded person who has a wish list a mile long is a challenge. “Expect delays!!!”–says the traffic man. If you have too many “requirements” that need to be met, your search for love will take longer, I promise. Example: The woman who has to have a man over 6’2, 185 pounds, net worth over $10 million, lives on the Ocean etc….is really asking for disappointment. No doubt, eventually, she can be helped…(I have succeeded btw)…but it does take longer. Remedy: Open your mind OR get patient. I’ve witnessed more matches with the flexible types. “Create new space” as my yoga instructor says. Love comes in all packages. Thank me later!

3. Look your best. BIG COMPLAINT on the singles scene: “She wore old mom jeans, no make-up, and T-shirt on our first date!” Ladies and gentlemen can be guilty. It’s not ok to show up for a FIRST DATE with little to no effort on your appearance! If he or she shows up on a first date looking sloppy–what is to come later? Red Flag! Don’t go to a party or first date like you just rolled out of bed. Remedy: First dates (second and third dates too) should be when you show your BEST LOOK. People who are too stuck on “This is me…like or not” may have to WAIT a longer to find love.

4. When in Doubt, Love More! So, you got rejected. Everyone has to come to terms with rejection at some point. Just as the sun rises and sets, rejection is part of life and dating. Sometimes you will be the one who (respectfully) rejects. Other times you will be the one rejected. Remedy: It is what it is…accept it and MOVE ON. As we say in the club: “Next!” (The numbers are in your favor here so the “Next” strategy works wonders!). Don’t get nasty with the one rejecting you or yourself or anyone else. In life, THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS. The sooner you let go, the better. If you hold a grudge you could turn into the Grinch; so heart open, chin up, chest out!

Ultimately, if you look in the right place with sincere intentions romantic love will follow, but surely some will find it quicker than others. Those that practice good thoughts and behaviors mentioned here, may find everlasting love which really is our highest goal in life, isn’t it?

On this note, thank you for sharing another Sunday with me. I am honored and grateful. I wish you all a joyous holiday season filled with LOVE and HOPE. Please don’t forget to give yourself a gift too! May your heart be open and your worries be light. I hope to see you next week at our Grande Finale 2014 Party on the 29th!!! There are still a few spots open, which means there is still time for a Happy New Years Eve KISS! You could fall in love in one second. Remember.

XOXO, Kelly

Palm Beach Post 12-21-14


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