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Six Reasons to Move Forward

Single Scene Column© March 2015

by Kelly Leary, M.S., Founder of Revolution Dating

“To change one’s life: 1. Start immediately. 2. Do it flamboyantly. 3. No exceptions.”
– William James

Time certainly does fly, doesn’t it? Here we are starting Spring. If you are single, this is the perfect time of the year to shake it up–and have your own REVOLUTION! Spring is the ideal time to meet new people, to spread your wings, and make things happen. Here are some great reasons to leave your comfort zone this month. If not now then when?

Reason 1. Countless studies show that people in a happy relationship are physically healthier and more optimistic about the future (regardless of external circumstances). Doctors can attest to this fact: Couple-ness is good for the mind as well as the body. I’ve studied this for years and know its 100% true. I.E. Relationships are good for your health.

Reason 2. You won’t have to go thru the 2015 single (YUCK! Who wants to do that??). You know how quickly time flies? Spring is always more fun in tandem. Who wants to attend a party full of couples as a single? It’s not fun to be the third wheel or the fifth wheel (EVER). It’s not fun to be the only “single” person at an event…and moreover…you don’t have to be!! There are fantastic single adults in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach area…and we know where the quality singles are hiding (not online or in a bar). I meet quality singles from the Treasure Coast every day in my office…proving all of the good ones are not taken!!

Reason 3. Think back to the last time you were truly happy for a stretch of time—from the bottom of your heart—inside and out—from head to toe. What was going on in your life? Chances are: you were in a happy relationship. Hence, when you are in a happy and healthy relationship or “in love”…the sky is bluer and the grass is greener. There is such a sense of peace that comes from having ONE significant other, someone to support you and love you through thick and thin. We were NOT meant to be alone…and no one wants to be alone deep down. Finding ONE TRUE LOVE is the secret to a happy life. It is better than any economic success or personal success. With one great love by your side–life is at its highest level. From there, anything can happen.

Reason 4. Travel more. Do more. See more. This is simple. When you are single, you usually do less and enjoy less. Especially, if you have the finances to truly enjoy your life, then why sit around alone? There is simply no reason to settle. If you can’t find the right one for you, then step up your game. If you follow my column, by now you know where all the good ones are…so take the next step today…and change your status from “Single” to “In a relationship” (my area of expertise).

Reason 5. “The Talking Cure” originated by Sigmund Freud who believed the more we talked the better we felt. There is something very healing in having someone you can talk to unconditionally. Most of us have been programmed to keep things inside, hence our pent up emotions can cause anxiety and depression. This is running rampant in our society today. People that have someone to talk to about their problems, their challenges, their daily stressors will almost always do better than someone who does not. Having a partner in life will always give you an edge.

Reason 6. Happier people (i.e. People in a happy relationship) usually look better. They are physically and mentally in better shape. Some are more motivated to look their best…they may have lost weight, joined a gym, etc. Nothing makes a lady or a man get in shape more than a new love interest!! A big bonus of dating!! The sooner you get moving…the sooner you will look better…it’s all connected! I see it all the time in my office…as soon as people start dating…their look just blossoms. I will ask clients that I haven’t seen in a while what has changed since they look so amazing…and they all say the same thing “Kelly, you gave me my life back! I feel great. I am happy again!”

So, do move towards Ultimate Happiness! The only thing standing in your way is YOU…so get off your couch and shake things up. There are amazing men and women–that we know–that are waiting to meet you. So get moving! It’s time already!!

XoXo, Kelly


#JustDoIt #TheTimeIsNow #LuckyInLove #Courage

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