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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dare To Be Different

“The definition of insanity is doing the
same thing over and over and expecting
different results.” –Albert Einstein

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast…summer lovin’, happened so fast!” Danny and Sandy, from the movie Grease, are America’s favorite high school sweethearts. The reason their relationship blossomed into a long-term commitment is because both of them took a RISK. Danny was a bad boy rebel; Sandy a good, decent, obedient girl. The chemistry was there but there were inherent differences, they had to be more flexible with each other (and themselves). Danny began pursuing wholesome endeavors like running track, whereas Sandy started curling her hair and wearing leather–and it WORKED.

“Change your attitude and you’ll change your latitude.” If John Travolta and Olivia Newton John had maintained their tunnel vision and not thought of new ways to live life, they never would have ended up together. It is so easy for us to get stuck in a routine. Society demands it of us. We are encouraged to follow a certain trajectory from childhood through adulthood and then into old age, but these traditional ideals don’t always work. Look around…many people are MISERABLE.

What is the answer? Be Revolutionary! You don’t have to fly solo. Instead of feeling envious towards the happy couples you know or see around town, change your perspective and say to yourself, “Good for them. I am so glad that they found each other, and I hope their relationship continues to grow. My perfect match is just around the corner too.” You might feel a little silly thinking this way at first (especially if your dating prospects lately have been slim). Push yourself to the next level…leave your comfort zone.

As the famous Dr. Phil says about people that come to him with issues: “Is it working for you?” The answer is always NO! If you are reading this column change is in order for you (or someone you love). Stop fishing in the same pond. It is NOT plentiful. Upgrade your social life! Shake it up. Get out of the boring box. Stop yourself from the same old dating patterns and same types of lose-lose relationships. There will be bumps in the road…it won’t be easy…but it will be worth it!

In honor of the Summer of Love 2015, commit to meeting new people outside your circle today. Remember your next relationship is closer then you can think. “Summer lovin happens so fast.” It’s already June and before you know it the end of summer will be here…this is the best time of year to meet your sweetheart.

A Vero Beach News 32963 dating story in 2010 said it best: “Leary has stocked the pond. There would be men there would be women and they would be single.” Realize, that was 2010, imagine the abundance of amazing single divorced and widowed now…thanks to the love from all of you for so many years! Thank you for sharing your Sunday with me! Start your own personal revolution today. Do something incredible for YOU!

Kelly XoXo

#BeRevolutionary #TheTimeIsNow #SummerLove2015

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