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Sunday July 26th, 2015

Dating in the Digital Age

“When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that’s when I think life is over.” – Audrey Hepburn

It’s good to be needed and loved, especially by someone other then a sister, child or parent. Family and friends are wonderful. Yet, there is more to life. We only get one chance so let’s not waste it…our time…or our emotions. What good is having an impressive portfolio or home yet no one to share it with? Love is big…love is everything. But…where can YOU find it? You know you are READY. So now what?

Television commercials for internet dating sites boast that 1 in 5 relationships now begin online-but do those relationships endure? With the technology and social media explosion compounded by smartphones, texting, and iPads, is love really just a click away? Research shows that people who meet online oftentimes do not stay in a relationship for a host of reasons. The most common problem being: People online misrepresent themselves and/or their dating intentions…which sadly can take a while to figure out. Anyone can sign up for online dating, regardless of their criminal history, mental stability, or financial background, and sites are overflowing with members from all walks of life. Such a large dating pool encourages online daters to trade in one relationship for another at the click of a button, hence the nick name “”.

Online dating has too many dangers and pitfalls for me to ever be a fan. Furthermore, Revolution Dating members tell me daily they joined our club because they either didn’t like www dating or they would never even consider it. At the risk of sounding a bit snotty, my clients are too good for online dating.

If you feel uncomfortable online dating, trust your gut. If you are feeling strange about a particular male or female you are chatting with (whether it’s through the internet or has escalated to phone calls), end it before it goes any further. Always be leery of someone who falls for you too fast and heed the quote, “Stable people move slowly”. If your gut is not feeling right, follow your instincts and remove yourself from the experience.

You will be better off meeting your future mate through a trusted friend or a professional who is in the know in the “singles scene”. Yes, there may be “Plenty of Fish” in the sea, but that doesn’t mean you should swim through the ocean alone – there are a lot of creepy eels and sharks out there (Ew & Yikes!)

Online dating can also consume your life. Who has the time? Where is the reality in getting lost in your computer chatting to a stranger who may or may not be who he/she says? I had a handsome and successful 65-year old male client enroll the other day who had previously been using online dating sites and was getting sick of them. He said that he was tired of constantly checking his emails; he could easily spend two or more hours per day reading emails from ostensibly beautiful, smart women, only to find out the contrary in one form or another. Isn’t face-to-face human interaction the whole point of dating and falling in love? Luckily, this Gentleman can now chat with my staff and me as we show him pictures of women that we KNOW are beautiful inside and out, since we have screened them in person. Time management in a nutshell! When you are over 55, time becomes just as valuable as money. Don’t you think?

The generations that came before us met face to face, through introductions or social gatherings. This will always be my personal favorite, and simply put, that’s all we do all day long. Let’s position ourselves now for our own “Summer of Love”. You are worthy and you are loved. Again, thank you for sharing your Sunday with me! Do share this message of love with your friends!

Kelly XoXo

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