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Sunday, April 19th, 2015

Interview with a Bachelor

It was a beautiful spring Florida day. Rachel McKee, vice president of Revolution Dating, and I were on our way to meet a very handsome and successful V.I.P. client for lunch at Brio. We will call him William Cobb. William is 58 years old and widowed.

We enjoy getting to know our clients in and out of the office. “The Revolution is the solution,” as one male client said this week. With new members pouring in monthly, there is never a dull moment.

As the lunch started, William began telling us how much fun he had at our last party. He said he enjoys seeing the old and new faces at our events. As hosts, we have to agree. There was a woman there who he had dated once. She liked him and wanted the relationship to take off. He didn’t feel the same way. This woman (we will call her Joan Avery) was beautiful, but we were just getting to know her as a newer client. Talking to William would help us help her and him. I love win-wins.

We chatted about what he LOVEs in women. Of course, like all men, he is visual. He mentioned he likes a woman who is well dressed, and he also highlighted that her demeanor should be soft, easy and kind. (Good advice for Power Women).

About half way through the lunch, we still wanted specifics on Joan. There had to be more to the story.

Kelly: William, what didn’t you like about Joan?

William: She has too much money for me. (He said with a grin and we laughed out loud too…he has a good sense of humor.)

Kelly: No really, you seem to be such a good fit. Why didn’t the first date lead to the second date?

William: She is too “uppity”. She looks down on others and thinks she is above everyone. I don’t like it.

Kelly: Well surely, she could have just been nervous. Maybe she needs a second date to see if it was just first date jitters?

William: Well, there was more. She looked like she was going to the gym and put little effort in her look. She spoke of her ailments! She was very serious and a little somber even. She also talked about her former husband and that made me uncomfortable. Kelly, she was gorgeous, but she is NOT for me. Looks don’t mean much when a woman is not good company.

At that point, I felt I did my due diligence for Joan and I knew I could give her constructive feedback for her next match at our club. She really struck out with William and needed some sisterly advice. In closing, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Ladies, show up with your best outlook and image on your first date! We will help you if you need it. You can always look hot no matter what your size or your body type. So get your positivity on and come see me when you are ready for romance! Just as the day turns to night, we can help you find your match thru our contacts and friendship.

I look forward to seeing you “out of your comfort zone” soon!

Much Love, Kelly xoxo

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