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Fall Into Love

“If you have love, you don’t need to have anything else; and if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter much what else you have.”

-Sir James M. Barrie

The final quarter of 2015 is here! And summer is almost over, so let’s get in the mood for love! After all, love is the purest energy in the Universe. Without it…the world would stop!

In our private offices, we never stop! Countless couples have met this year because of us. Our summer mixers were a hit and we are still celebrating! Soon we will be hosting our Great GatsbyRoaring 20’s Party…and then Holiday Parties galore! Not to mention all the “set ups” in between events!!

It’s just amazing how time goes so fast. One thing is for certain: THE CALENDAR WILL TURN…BUT WILL YOU TUNE IN TO YOUR CORE NEEDS AS IT TURNS? What is missing in your life? Could it be romance? Read on and practice these simple steps and you will have more love in your life…like burn to a fire!! Let’s do it…together.

1. Be interested in those around you. This may come as a shocker, but it’s not all about you. Everyone of us has a right to be here. Honor thy neighbor, friends, and family. Teach your children the same, especially at the start of a school year! We are made to love…and taught to hate. Choose your position first and foremost…and be the example. You will automatically attract more love in your life just by committing to others.

2. Go EZ on technology! Online relationships are not real…and quite sketchy to be mild. Facebook, tweeting, and texting is neat, BUT be cognizant about your time on social media. REAL LIFE RELATIONSHIPS still rule! If you are constantly looking down at your phone while with others, it notes a lack of interest. NOT AN ELIXER OF LOVE!!

3. Surround yourself with happy people. Choose to interact with positive people. Walk away from negative talk and situations. Be cautious of gossip and complaining types…show them some love…and move on! Negativity will block the road to love as sure as day turns to night.

4. Live with an attitude of gratitude…no matter what! Be a thankful person. You will have more to be thankful for…and the opposite is true as well.

5. Have a clear picture in your mind of your goals for the fall season. How do you want to feel by the time the turkey comes out of the oven? Do you want a romantic interest by your side? Well, time is on your side! THINK AHEAD AND TAKE A STEP TODAY! “Where energy flows, energy goes!”

6. Live in the present. Studies show that people who live in the “here and now” do better in relationships.

7. Be part of the solution…not the problem. Think before you speak! There is no bigger turn off then whining and excuses on why things don’t work…or can’t work. It’s silly! Studies show that solution oriented people are happier, healthier, and likewise have more loving thoughts.

I’m happy to say that at our club, we live by the motto: “Only Love is Spoken Here”. We know that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. It is a cure all! It is an honor to be the bridge that binds men and women daily.

Stay focused on the power of love through these simple steps, and soon a long-lasting relationship will come to you with magnetic force. Your life is in your hands.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Kelly XoXo

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