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Florida Strong! 

by Kelly Leary, M.S., Founder of Revolution Dating


“Together we can shine our light and show the world our happy eyes.”~~As Seen on The Today Show 


By the time this is published, I am hoping our COVID numbers are still on a steady decline. This has been quite a year so far, right? Who would have ever imagined we would live in a world with masks and social distancing to this extent and for this long? It’s really mind blowing.


As we predicted, our over all volume of inbound phone calls varied directly to the COVID stats. We held our own and we prevailed thanks to all of you. I’m grateful to have so many success stories out there—sending their friends and family to us too. The term #TellYourFriends is definitely happening in our community. It’s healthy to spread good news about love! We know there is plenty of bad news, so it is wonderful to see people helping people. Try to do something nice for someone every day…especially now! Raise your vibration by being kind and speaking kind words. Always. Just try it! You will like it!


Our world was getting darker and darker for a while, and more light and love was needed. The signs were everywhere–nationally and internationally. On a local level, I was noticing how caught up and confused people were behaving and it really bothered me. Many have been literally stuck in their own world, and it has been sad to observe, as a woman, mother, and matchmaker who is connected to love and positivity. I can only help so much, but YOU have to help yourself. I’m so glad that so many of you stepped up your game and found light in the doom and gloom. So many of you have too. I bet the changes around you have been glorious as well.


The pandemic is resetting people–on a personal level. Most of the people I meet have actually been affected in a good way. Think about it…if someone is calling me they must feel good about themselves and their life. The want to share it all with someone. Data shows that the positive effects of the pandemic will be felt in the months and years to come. There is sadness, of course. There is loss too, as we know, but the overall  “new frequency” is helping most people rise together with a stronger sense of unity, oneness, and wholeness. We have a finite purpose to connect. Love is the answer, folks. This should be your beginning and end goal for a happier tomorrow.


This resonates a “Love Movement” to me. The Universe is trying to tell us something. Take advantage of the momentum of Phase 2 and hit that reset button. The time truly is now. 


In this strange climate, people need more love. Smile under your mask when you make eye contact at the store or in your neighborhood. The eyes are the window to your soul.  Hence, practice developing a good vibe as your NEW NORMAL.


Feeling good is easier than you think. It is important to honor all the moments that equal your life (good and bad) and “RISE TO THE OCCASION” when you have the chance. It all points back to the saying “timing is everything!” Strike while the iron is hot. Connecting with others spiritually, emotionally, and sensually is, in fact, the beauty of a quality life at any age…at any time. I’m happy to be in the middle of a connecting force with Revolution Dating as the main vessel. Thank you for letting me be “THE Florida Matchmaker” once again for 29 years strong. I have so much gratitude and you should too. I am grateful we are here together today with a united goal. I know this because you are reading, and likely, sharing this column.


Take a moment and answer these questions: “Are you in a happy relationship?” or “Are you in a bad relationship?” If you are in a happy relationship, I salute you and do share your love! If you are not in a relationship or in a bad one, know that most of us have experienced the same. You are not alone, nor do you have to be anymore. Get out of isolation. Thankfully, the Universe is made and built–on love–and has your back–especially now. Without love, the species would halt–so face it–love is essential and will not go away. Ever. Not even in a pandemic. By the way, special congratulations to John and Christine who were just married last month during Phase 1 (photo to follow in Around Town Photos in this issue).


Hesitation, procrastination and excuses will cause you to miss the boat. There will be only two outcomes in this case: (1) You wait too long to get up again and as a result you age alone AND/Or you become too set in your ways to be desirable. (2) Dark depression and/or solitude. Let’s face it head on: MOST people have the innate desire to have a special someone in their lives. Period. So do take advantage of this time in history and RESET! Connect. Connect. Connect.


WE can help make it happen. The world is helping us. The data is undeniable. Now is the time to help yourself.


Come together!




Love, Kelly


Kelly Leary© has 29 years in the dating industry and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by ABC News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News, etc.. Revolution Dating members are pre-screened including background checks. Professional photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive club membership, Kelly also holds private singles events. For information on how you can reset your love life please call 561-630-XOXO (9696) or visit us at All inquiries are confidential. 

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