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Holiday Dating Survival Guide

Let’s talk GRATITUDE. Thank you to our many clients who have trusted us with their love life. Our revolution of love is spreading like wildfire and my heart is filled with gratitude and nostalgia. I’m so touched and grateful to be in the middle of so many smiles! I’m also happy to announce that this article has been picked up by Nostalgic America Magazine as well! I share my news with you since the news is as good for our clients as it is for us. The more the merrier in life and love!

I’m grateful for the diversity in this club…from young professionals (C.E.O.s, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Doctors, Builders, Lawyers, Engineers, etc.) to senior citizens. I believe in the reciprocity of all relationships and I’m grateful that I get to learn from my clients daily, especially the business leaders and parents who have raised children to become happy adults. My GREATEST joy is working with the seniors because they are often widows or widowers and don’t expect to find love again.

Today I will show you how to find your own Holiday Love!

1. “Fish” in well stocked waters; not the swamp, and not the junk yard. If you are going to buy a new outfit for an important night, would you go to the flea market or would you go to Bloomingdales, Macy’s, or Saks? This should be the basis of dating…i.e. Dating 101. If your looking for love in a bar or online dating sites, you are putting yourself in danger financially, emotionally, and physically. Half the dating problem is solved if you look in the right places!

2. Once you find a great person to date, be at your best and learn about him or her. COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO ANY HAPPY RELATIONSHIP. Find out early on if your communication styles are compatible. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Look inside the book and read it. You may surprise yourself! If you need help with this…Just ask! My team and I love to help. We are wired to help others.

3. BE FUN! Who wants to be around a grouch? Is whining sexy? Is constant drama and complaining good? I think not. If this is you, please, don’t visit the revolution (yet). Do some soul searching, take a yoga class, read a book, go for a nature walk. Remember: Attitude of Gratitude!

Thanksgiving reminds everyone to give thanks. Ungratefulness is about as “unsexy” as you can get, so don’t be the Grinch that stole happiness this Holiday Season. Showing gratitude and giving thanks to your date, your family, your co-workers or anyone in your life is a powerful way to live.

Make it a point to start and end your day giving thanks. Your life will change–and no matter how young or old you are–you can REVOLUTIONIZE your love life today. You will thank me later…just like the couples in my column month after month! You have been witness to thousands of smiles that all started with a revolution.

Happy Thanksgiving blessings and love to you and yours! Do take advantage of the time you have to change your love life before the “big” holiday. Hope to see you at our Murder Mystery Dinner Parties this November held in private rooms at some of the best hot spots in our local area! #LetsTalk #BeRevolutionary #HolidayLoveCanBeYOURS #MakeItHappen


XOXO, Kelly

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