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How Matchmaking is Different from Online Dating

For many, it is very hard to gain the confidence to approach either a man or woman to which you are intrigued by or attracted to. There are generally two roles one may take in talking with a potential spouse, either the receptor or the initiator. For the most part, people want to be the receptor instead of being the initiator. The receptor is the person who decides whether to engage or ignore someone approaching them. The initiator is the person who approaches someone else in the hopes of starting a conversation. Rather than having to deal with the stress of engaging with a complete stranger, you can rely on the professional matchmaking experts at Revolution dating.

The Role of a Matchmaker

A matchmaker is a person who arranges relationships and marriages between others, and they have been around since ancient civilizations. There is even evidence showing the existence of matchmakers in ancient Aztec and Greek times. Back in these times, the main role of the matchmaker was to help with the communication between the two families and coming up with a compatibility report between the two individuals. In today’s day and age, the modes of communication are much different than what the first matchmakers were used to. However, the overall roles and goals of the matchmakers are the exact same. There are many roles that a matchmaker must take to arrange a professional matchmaking. Here are some potential roles a matchmaker must take and what each one entails:

  • In-Person Consultations
  • Searching and Outreach Phone Calls
  • Client Pitches
  • Post Date Feedback
  • First Date Concierge

-The first step with matchmaking deals with the client introducing themselves to the matchmaker and explaining what they are trying to get out of this experience. These in-person consultations really help the matchmaker understand what the personality of their client is and the type of person they are looking to connect with. It also helps with getting an understanding of what the client’s occupation is and their typical night of fun. The main reason for this in-person consultation is to get to know the client up close and personal, resulting in the matchmaker finding the perfect soulmate.

-The next step in the matchmaking process may be the most time-consuming and difficult to accomplish. This is the searching and outreach phone calls a matchmaker must go through. After the client has come in for a consultation, the matchmaker now has many tasks to accomplish with trying to find the perfect match. This involves screening, vetting, and qualifying potential prospective clients as a fit for the current client. This is not as easy as it may sound. Most matchmakers compare it to finding a needle in a haystack, although for Kelly, finding your perfect match is a breeze.

-After the prospective clients have been discovered as a potential match, the next step is pitching their client to these prospects. When reaching out to these prospects, the matchmaker is looking for someone who is available, attractive, and enthusiastic about meeting the client. This is done before telling the client about potential matches, that way they are not teased or intrigued by a potential match that does not feel the same way as you do about the match. As a matchmaker we know love may be hard to find and you can’t always trust the first match thrown your way, which is why we talk to at least 10-15 potential matches so we can find the perfect match.

-Since these new relationships are very fragile after the first date, clients often have many questions about what to do next. That is why post date feedback is a huge role that matchmakers must accomplish. Most of the time clients are unsure what to text their date after the first encounter, and unsure whether or not to ask their date to meet up again in the future. As a matchmaker, it is important to help the clients on how to properly reach out to their date. This involves helping compose messages and determining what the proper dialogue should be immediately after the date. We know that texting is a big role in every relationship, so we are here to help you to ensure that everything being said and done is accomplished at a great pace, which will help foster a stronger relationship for you and your match.

-Lastly, a key role for a matchmaker is to arrange the first dates and act as the first date concierge for managing the event. This involves setting everything up such as selecting the meet-up, scheduling a reservation, and confirming that both sides of the party will be attending the date. As a matchmaker we want to make this experience a true pleasure and truly stress free for you. We do this by planning perfectly accomplishing all the tedious, but important tasks of the match and of each date, so the only thing you need to worry about is finding love and having a great time!

Difference Between Using a Matchmaker and an Online Dating App

Believe it or not, over 40 million people in the United States have admitted to using some sort of online dating service or app. There are many relationships that do start with an online service, but a matchmaker has much higher success rates than any dating service has to offer. Some benefits of using a matchmaker are that:

  • There is privacy and confidentiality with your personal information
  • All men and women are verified and considered safe with a background check
  • All matches are set up based on your wants and interests
  • It saves you hours from browsing through hundreds of potential matches
  • All matches share the same relationship goals

A matchmaker’s main focus is to personally set their client up with someone they believe is the perfect fit. This includes meeting with the client and determining their interests and what they are looking for in a spouse. Matchmaking is much more personal and uses reasoning to find a match rather than luck or keyword connecting. Meanwhile, an online service or app just offers potential matches based on the interests or keywords you have on your profile.

Services Offered by Revolution Dating

Revolution dating is matchmaking for Florida’s busy professionals and retirees. There are many services offered that go way beyond just setting up two potential clients for a date. Some examples of these services are professional and recent member photos, coaching and events club, site-wide events in which everyone is welcomed. With all of these services being offered, Revolution Dating is more than just a professional matchmaker; instead, they try to teach their clients the in’s and out’s of dating.

Kelly Leary is the president and founder of Revolution Dating and has over 27 years of experience within the matchmaking industry. With a Master’s degree in clinical psychology, Kelly Leary knows how to deal with any situation thrown her way. Revolution dating helps out a myriad of clients ranging from the early twenties to mature dating. All of these factors combined make Kelly Leary at Revolution Dating the best matchmaker in Boca Raton and the Palm Beaches. Feel free to give us a call at (561) 771-0947 and see how Revolution Dating is changing the way we find love, one date at a time.

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