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Looking for Love Online Has Made Many People Tired of the Palm Beach Dating Scene

The Palm Beach dating scene isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Sure there are tons of beautiful and worthy people in the area looking for love, but they can’t seem to find it.  Some give up, some keep searching and swiping online until they can’t swipe anymore.
Tired of the Palm Beach DatingThe truth is, online dating is part of the problem.  The consistent swiping and pressure to impress with the few photos you put up online is actually damaging the way we see love, other people and how we feel about ourselves.  The Palm Beach dating scene isn’t the only one that has been ruined by this online dating phenomenon.  Virtually everyone has turned to online dating to find true love.
Without seeing it’s harmful impacts, app after app has emerged.  More and more folks in the Palm Beach dating scene are putting themselves out there online.  What once was a highly stigmatized way to get a date has now turned into the normal way to find someone to spend time with.  While studies show that by 2040 an estimated 70% of people will look for love online, many doubt that online dating yields the same results as meeting a likeminded person through friends or colleagues.



Frustrations with online dating aren’t enough to stop the swiping

It isn’t a secret that online dating has diluted our views of togetherness and quality time.  What it means to date has turned into swiping before sending a GIF or an emoji.  Since most people consider the need for love a very basic one, it’s easy to see why the preoccupation with finding a mate has turned into the competitive game that is Tinder and other online dating profiles.  Truthfully, more online dating app users claim they have more to be with frustrated with online dating about than they do actual dates.
Sifting through profile after profile to no avail doesn’t seem to stop users from looking for their true love online.  Even though most of those users admit to not enjoying online dating or the process of trying to decide to meet up with someone or not, they still can’t seem to help logging on and checking out who is available.  Does this mean that Palm Beach dating has come down to a numbers game?  It does seem that way but as more and more people grow tired of online dating and become aware of it’s damaging effects, there is still hope that we humans can meet our love needs without the help of Tinder and other online dating applications.



5 reasons that online dating has made people tired of the Palm Beach Dating Scene

Many people have different reasons they have grown tired of dating.  For some it’s the disrespect they receive and for others it’s the lack of emotional connection that keeps them questioning how much longer they can handle online dating.  The very nature of the online dating profile proves that we are further and further from finding true connection, and not just a physical one.  The proof lies in the changes we’ve seen over the last 5 years since the rise of Tinder and other dating services.  Here are 5 of the main reasons that most people are tired of the online routine and are trying to find a better way to get involved in the Palm Beach Dating game.



Online dating profiles are filled with lies

Kind of like an interview, profiles created online are put out there to put a good foot forward.  Unfortunately, so many of us think we aren’t good enough as we are that we feel the need to lie.  If you lied on your profile, don’t worry you aren’t alone.  More than 50% of people living in the US admitted to lying on their online dating profile.  Most often they lied about their looks, using younger pictures of themselves.  It was also reported that people commonly lie about their careers and their financial situation online.
The Palm Beach dating pool is talented and good looking, but it’s believed that even the most successful and beautiful people still feel like they need to lie on their dating profile.



Men and women have different challenges with online dating

Women get so many messages that it’s hard for them to weed through them to find a worthy companion.  Men’s messages often get lost in the shuffle while they await anxiously for a reply.  Conversely, women grow too tired of the same old messages to have the motivation to keep reading.  This puts competition and the need to come up with an innovative new way to simply say hello at an all time high.



You’ve only got 8 seconds to impress someone

Take a second to think about how much time you spend looking at photos and reading an online dating profile before you make a decision about which way to swipe.  Seconds, huh?  Everyone engaged in online dating makes that same decision in seconds.  The chances of you liking what someone put in their profile in that little amount of time are slim to none and even if you did, it’s likely a lie anyway.



The hookup cycle

Palm Beach dating used to be about catching someone’s eye across the room or meeting up with some friends who invited a cute new person from their work place to introduce you to.  The more we obsess over looks and online dating profiles, the more dating becomes synonymous with “hookup.” While that very well may work for younger couples, more professional and mature daters aren’t looking for the hookup.  This alone has made many folks tired of online dating.



The relationships often don’t last

It’s hard to know if it’s infatuation or true love when the choice is made in 8 seconds.  Often the relationships initiated on online dating apps fizzle out quickly.  This has been known to lower the self-esteem and the self-worth of dater after dater.  No one likes to be ghosted and no one likes to be rejected, but that’s mostly what online dating is.


For those tired of online dating, a professional matchmaker could be the solution.  Many people in the Palm Beach dating scene have chosen to find true love without the hassle of online dating.  Matchmaking offers a better and more efficient way to date ensures that you meet you who you think you’re meeting and they aren’t just looking for a hookup.

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