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Revolution Dating in Palm Beach Makes Meeting New People Easier for Individuals Exhausted by Online Dating

Revolution Dating is a High-end Professional Matchmaker service for elite singles, busy professionals, and senior singles that want to find relationships and don’t have the time for tedious online dating.



The cold procedure of algorithms seems more mathematical and susceptible to fabrication of personal details than romantic. Nonetheless, just as different restaurants of the same cuisine attract different types of people, a form filled out and submitted to a computer will appeal to a different group of singles than a professional dating service. People need a more personal touch, like the services of Revolution Dating.

Kelly Leary, Founder of Revolution Dating, is a relationship professional offering a better dating service connecting singles ages 25 – 75 in Florida.

With 27 years of experience and a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Kelly Leary and her team of matchmakers add the personal touch missing from the gamble of online algorithms. Instead of a keyword selection of people who may or may not define certain aspects of their character the way a hopeful single might, Leary’s dating agency evaluates personalities in such a way as to fully understand what each client is seeking and how this actually lines up with compatibility.

It is such a blessing to share this with the world. We are like two peas in a pod — compatible in every way — the world is our oyster and we have both been waiting for each other forever.




Revolution Dating Annual Holiday Party!

matchmaker palm beach gardensIn the spirit of 1920’s speakeasies, join Revolution Dating Dec. 14 for a Prohibition-inspired evening of cocktails, sushi nibbles and live music. R.S.V.P.’s are required to attend. This event has limited seating and will sell out.

R.S.V.P. here. Call 561-630-XOXO (9696) for more information.

Working with a professional dating agency is similar to taking a dating recommendation from a friend who is actually invested in his or her friend’s happiness; the only difference is Leary’s team has the expertise to make more than a good guess on their clients’ behalves. All of Leary’s clients are pre-screened before they are considered for going on dates with anyone cleared to use her dating agency services. This screening includes background checks in order to protect the safety of her clients.
Revolution Dating’s Diamonds & Dates event in Boca Raton was a huge success in November and sold out quickly. Revolution Dating united with Diamonds By Raymond Lee and the Exotic Car Society on Nov. 29 for an elegant evening of mixing and mingling and speed dating. Present were singles looking for their match surrounded by a background of exotic cars including McLaren 650s, Fort GTs, Maserati GranTurismos and Audi R8s. It was a night of love, life and laughter. Revolution Dating is expecting even higher numbers and more love matches this month with the Annual Holiday Party. 

The Revolution Dating agency is ideal for high net worth individuals struggling to find authentic connections in West Palm Beach.

Meeting new people is already a challenge without adding skepticism about a person’s intentions in dating a high net worth professional. The Revolution Dating agency is fastidious when it comes to evaluating personalities willing to make a true connection.
Leary’s expert dating services include coaching and special events designed to not only help individuals looking for a relationship easier but also to help singles look at their own dating practices and examine what may hinder them from finding the person they’re hopeful to meet. All of Leary’s clients’ personal information and meeting discussions are private and held in confidence between each client and his or her matchmaker.

Find a match to light a fire in one’s love life with the Revolution Dating Agency.

People who live in West Palm Beach, Florida have found themselves typing into Google “dating agency near me,” and the answer to their query is Revolution Dating. Skip the impersonal equation involved with online dating and let a trained professional clear the obstacles to find someone special. People hire professionals to fix their homes, watch their children, record their wishes for the end of their lifetime; it makes a great deal of sense to seek expertise when assessing one’s compatibility with a potential life partner. Just as people want the best educators assisting with the upbringing of their kids, Revolution Dating trains their matchmakers to understand the nuances of human behavior when setting up dates for their clients.

Visit Revolution Dating online to get started meeting the right people. For busy professionals looking for a lasting relationship, less time wasted on taking out dates who are in no way compatible with one’s goals and lifestyle makes dating what it should be – fun and exciting.

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