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Spend Money to Find Love?

The Singles Scene Column©️ July 2019

by Kelly Leary, M.S., THE Award-Winning Matchmaker


The answer is simple: We have always invested money to find love regardless of our gender. We pay for dates, we pay to look good, and we pay in the form of time and emotional investments too. We pay for our wins to celebrate love in the form of a wedding and sadly, sometimes, we pay for divorce when love ends. We always pay for love one way or the other BUT the pay off is the best feeling in the world. We all want and need love. Yet now, more than ever, we have been forced to get smarter because of our potential losses. Dating is riskier today–and sometimes even scary! The times have changed and we must change too. As much good as the Internet has brought us–it has come with a VERY high price. People are so programmed to look down (at their screens) and communicate via social media and texting that many have lost the art of socializing in person. Just look around at the beach or at a restaurant. People are obsessed with their smartphones.


Enter online dating: Being an encyclopedia on this industry, I remember when online dating first hit the circuits. Not everyone had a computer and there were no smartphones. And so it began–the evolution of dating went from a kind introduction or set-up like our grandparents and parents to everyone jumping on the alternate bus of online dating, which began around 1995. The theory seemed sensible, but there has been a big trade-off in recent years. It is now super easy to cheat or “next.” The divorce rate is up. What started as a way to increase your options has become completely corrupt since it’s inception. Too much. Too fast. Too easy. Now, it’s too hard. The online dating system has been severely handicapped and there is no fixing this inherent fatal flaw. Online dating will only get worse–especially in Florida.


Was there a time when online dating had better odds? Sure. My cousin met her husband online in Maine 12 years ago. Get it? In Maine and 12 years ago. Online dating hit an all-time low in 2009 in Florida, which is when the local daily newspaper did a very positive story on my work. Off-line dating services hit the maps BIG at that moment and so did I. We were presented as an alternative to online dating. Take it from someone who is an expert. It is an enormous gamble and you will risk losing time, money, headache and heartache–not to mention your safety–men or women–when you look for love online. Men can be hurt too–and definitely in the wallet. It is a gamble just like in Vegas, and you can lose EVERYTHING.


Look up documentaries like Dirty John who met an upscale woman on He pretended to be a doctor but he was a very BAD guy. Predators love online dating! You can see online dating disasters on Date Line, 20/20, or any news channel. Online dating is dangerous and quality people either don’t like it or cannot be seen online for privacy reasons. It’s embarrassing.


Enter Modern Matchmaking: My business was designed as an online dating remedy and for those who simply can’t or won’t go online looking for love (like a doctor, judge, or CEO). We are private, friendly, and local. We serve South Florida and the Treasure Coast. I, personally, have 28 years of experience and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology specializing in Forensic Studies (profiling). During my graduate studies, I was lucky enough to find my calling by happenstance in 1991 in Boca Raton. I worked at other dating services over the years and quickly noted what they were doing wrong and what they were doing right. I kept the best and forgot the rest. I still cringe when I recall what other bosses of mine had done in the past. Many of them still exist but they have changed their business name multiple times.


To save you time and money, I have also included a price list of random options. We researched many of these prices to double check…all in the name of love and all for YOU. Since “matchmaker” is now a household term like doctor or lawyer, I thought I would bring you up to speed! Thank me later!


What Finding Love Could Cost in Dollars:


$0 Free dating sites or sit home alone with no one.
$25+ Some online dating sites. Ex: Bumble, Match, OurTime. See above article for your odds.
$449+ Per month/3 month minimum — for one date per month. No local office/often in temporary or virtual offices. Often no photos. Ex: Tawkify (California Address).
$5000+ Sometimes per month, per year, or per number of dates. Sometimes no photos. Ex: Three Date Rule (no Florida location) and many others.
$25K to $45K+ Per year — to work with a representative at a “elite” service that may or may not have a rooted local office in Florida. Matches could be national. Ex: Kelleher International.

(Reference for price section and amounts: Cosmopolitan, June 2019)


Here is the bottom line: When you find your dream man or woman you will be glad you took the plunge and you chose the best service available to you. Upon enrollment (hopefully in person in a real office), consider your investment a down payment on your wedding or on your dream vacation and just live it up with your new love life! You will be glad you started this July by the time the holidays roll around! It is a couples world! Our matchmakers are standing by 7 days a week if you have more questions for us. We are happy to oblige. Looking forward to meeting you soon in my office!


Much Love and XoXo,




Kelly Leary©️ has 28 years in the dating industry and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has been profiled by ABC News, The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, The Stuart News, and other publications. All Revolution Dating members are prescreened first, including background checks. Professional member photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is NOT online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive membership, Kelly also holds private singles mixers. For more information, please call 561-630-9696 in the South Florida area or 772-932-4373 on the Treasure Coast or visit us at All inquiries are confidential.Summer Love is All Around Town. July 2019 Summer love is all around town thanks to the Revolution Dating Club! These photos are worth 1000 words and tell the whole matchmaking story! This July, you should change your future too–by dating in REAL LIFE and finding love off-line. Follow the love, and stop wasting time and money chasing fake people on a website. Meet new people the old fashioned way, through introductions by a friend (that friend would be THE Award-Winning Matchmakers of Revolution Dating). Society is tired of online dating, and it is likely you are too if you are reading this issue. Follow your heart and step up your odds by meeting screened people face to face! The following photos are bound to bring you a good feeling about your July plans to join the club, so get excited about your future again. The hotlines are open seven days a week and a LIVE team member will be happy to assist you on your journey. All calls are confidential. Parties are optional and many opt for one-on-one setups. For more information on how you can find REAL love with REAL people, call 561-630-9696 (XOXO). Revolution Dating introduced John to Christine in the Fall,and now they travel as a couple! This Revolution Dating couple loves boating together! Summers are even hotter at the RDClub–we insist you cool off! Group dates and one-on-one set-ups love our ice-breaker ideas!


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