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Spooked By Love? Have No Fear…the Matchmaker is Here!

Spooked By Love?

Have No Fear…the Matchmaker is here!

This is one of my most favorite times of year…the weather is cooler and people seem more energized. Halloween marks the gateway to parties and celebrations of the up and coming Season. If you are like me, you look forward to this time of year. There are many people that do not look forward to Halloween or the Holidays because they are single. It’s no fun handing out candy if you are home alone. Depression rises this time of year. No one wants be alone on Halloween or any other Holiday…and no one needs to be alone anymore as we have come to learn.   Reach out this month more than ever before. Focus on the sweetness of love because love is the greatest treat of all!

October is the perfect time to get a little daring (as my last column said be “Festively Fearless”. ) The world has changed, the way we do business has changed, so the way we live (and love) should change too…don’t you think? People should aim to be happy, hold hands, and support one another—in our schools, on the job, in our families, and most definitely in our romantic relationships.

It’s easy to be aloof and curt. Don’t go there…instead be concerned and loving. How could you go wrong? In a day and age of war and economic strife—relationships should be priority. Building relationships is the answer-whether it is with a romantic partner, your family, your friends, your office, your students, or your neighbor.

Focus more on others this month than on yourself…

I DARE YOU! If you do this…I believe that the up and coming holiday season will blossom for you…and in plenty of time. “Play it forward.” Think ahead: Halloween is the perfect month to be tempted by love and life. What a better time to dive into your relationship goals and FIND ONE?

Do Connect. Do Bond. Do Love. This is the meaning of life. There is nothing better than Love. The more you love others…the more they will love you in return. The world will bless you in many ways…when you are in a happy place you are bound to attract more and more good things. You will become a love magnet, like my other Revolutionary Ladies and Gents. Tempting…isn’t it? This week, fall in love with life or just fall in love period. Start today. I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO LOVE MORE THIS WEEK THAN EVER. If you know someone who has a grumpy approach to life and love…try to “sweeten” them a bit too. Somehow that person has missed the ball. Help them out …there are ways. Where there is a will, there is always a way (thank you Nietzsche).

In closing, I wish you a very Happy Halloween week. Bake Halloween cookies. Buy a new costume. Design a costume. Visit a Halloween Store (my family loves to do this). Meet us Thursday at our 10th annual Halloween Gala!! There are a few seats left! Celebrate the season!! Let it tempt you. I’m sure you will find yourself smiling a lot more if you take my advice this week. Our Halloween party is one of the best parties of the year. Conversation flows easier than normal as costumes are a great ice breaker. I dare you to make a move and sign up today! If you are in a relationship—good for you—and you are not invited (sorry, singles only).

Thank you for sharing your Sunday with me again…I can’t wait to meet you!! Let’s start your revolution of love this week! God Bless You and Good Wishes!!!

Happy Halloween!


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