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The Dating Evolution: Moving from Single to Taken 

By: Kelly Leary, M.S., CEO & Head Matchmaker

“I wonder if it’s possible to have a love affair that lasts forever.” ―Andy Warhol


Most adults have gone through this dating evolution at one point or another–and our job is to make this process smoother. The evolution process starts with “I’m ready to meet someone” to “dating” to “in a relationship” to “forever.” For some, the process cycles back a few times. For others, they get it right, and “forever” sticks. “Forever” is a long time and if you have been blessed with “forever” love, and you still have it…tell the world your secrets. As I always say: “Share your love!”


I’m proud to say many of my couples have found “forever” love! I have introduced so many FOREVER COUPLES to one another and I thank them for constantly referring their single friends to me. As everyone knows, my team and I aim to please and a “forever” kind of love is the best kind. This is our highest goal at Revolution Dating.


Evolution Stage One: I’m ready to meet someone. This may occur for anyone aged 25 to 85. We all have an ageless drive to be with someone and to have a romantic partner with whom to share our life. We were not meant to walk this Earth alone. There is someone for everyone. Love has no prejudice. Love does not judge. Whatever your age, when the “void” is louder than normal, and when you are feeling an emptiness inside, get going and start your search.


Evolution Stage Two: I’m dating. You may be dating different people. You may be dating one special person. Either way, you are only “dating.” No one is committed. You have not changed your relationship status yet. You are not calling him or her “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” There are no labels…yet. This stage, in or out of my club, could go on for one month, six months, or even a year. During this stage, you might date one person, five people, or twenty people (hopefully one at a time).


Evolution Stage Three: I’m in a Relationship. Well, you’ve made it! He or she may have said: “I love you,” or “I don’t want you dating anyone else. Let’s go exclusive!” When this feeling is mutual, the RELATIONSHIP is on and everyone will know you are an “item”… including you! This is a comfortable and exciting time. This is when my couples start coming to parties in tandem and showing off their “TAKEN” status. This is the honeymoon phase! Enjoy it! We always hope it lasts for you and takes you to the next phase, but this phase could come to an end. That is a part of the excitement and keeps us on our toes. The best version of who we are is operating at this stage and when the more realistic you comes out, which is inevitable, decisions are made.


Evolution Stage Four: Forever. If you like it then you gotta put a ring on it! This rings true for those of you who have marriage as a primary goal (perhaps 45 and under). For those of you who have been married and had children (even adult children and grandchildren), then you may not need to walk down the aisle again. However, a forever commitment of some kind is ideal, even in the case of a widow or widower who has found a new connection. There’s something to be said for sincerity when it comes to dating. The “endgame” for authentic singles dating should be to find one special person…not to play the field. So when you get to this stage, you will want no one else but your beloved, and that is my goal for you and all my clients. I think that is the highest goal in the Universe.


Much Love & Gratitude,



Your Florida Matchmaker,



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Kelly Leary © has 33 years in the dating industry and a master’s degree in psychology. She’s been profiled the Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine and other Florida-wide publications. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “un-single” through their exclusive membership, Kelly also holds private feedback as needed. Image Consulting available as needed. Each membership is custom made to suit you and your needs. All photos are taken in our offices. For more information, please call 561-630-XOXO (9696) or 772-932-HERE (4373) or visit *All inquiries are confidential.

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