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The Holiday Express Pass to Romance!

Revolution Dating is taking over South Florida this holiday season!

Look for us in Sunday’s news to get YOUR holiday express to romance!

In a nutshell, we want YOU to have more fun this December. I am positive that you would LOVE to as well. Just think how wonderful today could be…IF ONLY you had a sexy companion by your side! You could have a waterfront brunch, go shopping together, or even hit a matinee. Instead…you are home alone and single. Yet, the prognosis is good because you are reading this column! The truth is, you are motivated and you know what you need to do. As you can see and sense, there is magic going on in my club. We are busier then ever and having so much fun helping all of you meet each other. Here are a few pointers to help you plan your day. If you take my advice, you just may find your SPECIAL SOMEONE before 2015 is over!

1) Christmas is LOVE.
I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and the Holidays are the BEST time to begin…it’s a Kick Start Effect. Don’t forget about yourself this holiday. Give yourself a gift too!! You need love just as much as anyone else does. Do something for YOU. Why? Why NOT? The happier you are, the happier your children will be, the better your health will be, and the more interesting your life will become. Christmas is LOVE.

2) Makin’ a List.
Define exactly what you want. Do you want a relationship? Do you want a NEW Years Date? Do you want to be married? Do you just want to meet wonderful new people? What characteristics are you looking for in the people you’d like to date? Smart, tall, financially secure, kind and considerate.

3) Know thyself.
When you think about finding this man or woman you dream of, do you think he or she is out there? Is there anything stopping you from finding this person? In our dating club, I see people of all shapes and sizes and types match up every day. BEAUTY is from within…not from without. The right man or woman will see your beauty. We are all lovable…know it…live it. Connect with like minded people AND meet other contemporary revolutionaries. Watch the doors of your life open that were once bolted shut. You life will change. It’s a great month to smile more too, isn’t it?

4) Single Wanna Mingle.
The Holiday Express to “Love in December” will not only increase your odds…it will guide your decisions with regards to dating, simply because you got started. Joining my firm now will fast track you right to romance…because people are into LOVE in December. We just can’t help it! No games. No gimmicks. No searching or wasting your time on the wrong people. Our love tank is full and we are ready to fill your love tank up too!

5) Ready. Set. Go.
Choose a playful light approach as you begin your revolution. Don’t be intense. Consider finding love to be your own North Star and follow it…wherever it takes you follow it….more than ever before. Just know that the right person is on his or way to you…and you are ready. You’re going to have a wonderful Season filled with Love, Life and Laughter. Just know that…and let it be! Our schedule is filling up quickly and everyone wants to attend our Grand Finale Gala 2015 this month, so procrastinate no more. (Newsflash: This private party has a tight cap on it…so do pick up your phone before it’s too late). End the year right!

Thank you for sharing your Sunday again with me


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