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The Ugly Truth About Online Dating

Online dating has taken off in the past decade, and roughly 40% of all Americans use some type of online dating. This number is so large because there is a myriad of different websites and apps that offer online dating where anybody over a certain age can sign up. The users on these online dating sites range from young adults to seniors that are 65 and up. There has even been a consistent percentage increase among senior users on online dating sites over the past five years and this could be a result of how easy these sites are to use. Since these sites are so easy to use, there are many dangers that arise because your profile is available for everyone to see.

The Dangers of Online Dating 

Whether you like it to or not, when you sign up for an online dating website or app, your private information is accessible to just about anyone using that online service. Unlike premier matchmaking companies, these online dating sites do not perform background checks or pre-screenings on their users. As a result of this, you never know who you are going to meet when online dating and you also do not know if their profile is accurate.matchmaking companies
Studies have shown that about 53% of people lie on their online dating profile and they lie about many different aspects of their life. The most popular lies found on online dating profiles had to deal with the users’ age, height, weight, job, and income. If more than half of the people using online dating are lying about their identity, the outcome may not always be what you are expecting. In addition to people lying on their public online dating accounts, one out of every ten users is a fake account. There have been many news articles about how online dating users are being “catfished” when meeting with their match. This is when you meet up with the person you matched with, and their true identity does not align with the online persona that you were planning on meeting. This happens very often when using these online dating sites, so it is suggested that you find a trustworthy singles matchmaking site such as Revolution Dating.

Why is Revolution Dating Unique?

Revolution Dating has been at the center of South Florida matchmaking in the last decade, and this is largely due to the high levels of professionalism and confidentiality with our staff and users. Unlike public online dating sites, not everyone is able to create a profile with Revolution Dating. If you are interested in joining Revolution Dating, you first need to set up a phone interview in which our staff determines if you would be a good candidate for joining service. During the phone call you will give a brief bio about yourself to our staff, and then they will ask you some basic questions as a follow-up. After the phone interview, our staff conducts a pre-screening on the individual along with a background check to ensure that they are a trustworthy individual. If the phone interview goes well and the individual passes the pre-screening and background check, they will be invited to meet the staff at Revolution Dating. During this meeting, we will get to know more about your hobbies and interests so our professional matchmakers can start setting up your profile.
Revolution Dating also has a team of photographers and makeup artists that will lead you in a photoshoot for setting up the pictures that will be displayed on your profile. Our staff takes all the photos shown on the profiles because we want each and every profile to be as accurate as possible. After your photoshoot is complete and one of the professional matchmakers has gotten to know more about you, you will start to receive invitations to private events in which you can meet people with similar interests and hobbies. All of our events are set up by our highly trained staff so you do not have to worry about the stress of planning the night. As you can see, Revolution Dating goes through an immense amount of steps for its clients to make sure that they meet someone new and have a good night while doing so.

Kelly Leary is the Matchmaking Queen

Kelly Leary is the founder and president of Revolution Dating and has over 27 years of matchmaking experience. During her time as a matchmaker, Kelly has helped thousands of men and women south florida matchmakingfind true love. Her main goal when setting up Revolution Dating was to make dating as easy and fun as possible and she has definitely accomplished that. Kelly has been featured in many new channels for her matchmaking success, along with having a monthly dating column that is found throughout Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast. She also received the honor of being named “The Florida Matchmaker” by Think Magazine and PBG Lifestyle Magazine. Although matchmaking is Kelly’s specialty, she also does a lot to give back to the community. Every year Revolution Dating supports many different charities and philanthropies such as the Tri-County Animal Rescue, the Cancer Alliance Help & Hope, and the Renewal Coalition, which assists wounded veterans and their families. When it comes to matchmaking, you can always count on Kelly Leary and her team at Revolution Dating.
Revolution Dating is Here to Help 
At Revolution Dating our main goal is for our clients to meet new people without dealing with the stress and nerves out of setting up the date by yourself. Not only does Revolution Dating set up events for you to meet new people, but they also offer coaching and seminars to help individuals be more comfortable they meet these people. Our staff at Revolution Dating has so much experience with matchmaking, that Revolution Dating had the honor of winning the award for the best matchmaker in both 2014 and 2016. With over 27 years of professional matchmaking experience under Kelly Leary’s belt, she is always ready to help you find true love. Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and give us a call at 561-630-9696 so you can find your soulmate.

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