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What Type of Single are You?

By: Kelly Leary© M.S., Founder of Revolution Dating

Knowledge is power and YOU hold the key to your future relationship. Only YOU have the power to navigate the change needed on your personal road from SINGLE to TAKEN. If you are in “relationship limbo” or “in between relationships” do identify what type of single you represent by choosing from the below categories. Do this today and take deliberate action toward change. Let’s figure this out, together.


The Curmudgeon Single: This type may be single, divorced or widowed. Key traits: cranky, negative, grouchy and in some ways even unlovable. There may be a sense of desire for another completely “out of their league” which exaggerates their bad attitude as they are never satisfied.


Likelihood of resuming a (healthy) relationship is slim to none. Open to change: minimal. This male or female may have been cheated on or took large hit in life and never recovered. This person can be helped with some therapy or a complete change of attitude. However, a “revolution” becomes less likely the longer this person stays single. If this is you, get moving while you’ve still got it. As it stands, with no therapy or mindset change this person is undateworthy. Many people online fall into this category. They are just no fun to be around, right? You can make much better use of your time.


The HopeFUL Romantic: Luckily “most” of the people I meet are this type of person (yeah). This male or female has felt love in the most beautiful sense of the word. They have also felt heartache but they continue to love more…and they almost always do! WHY? Because they believe in love AND they know they are lovable. This person knows the benefits of love will ALWAYS outweigh the risks. Single, divorced, or widowed of ALL AGES this person has a high success rate in my club and the odds are in their favor. This person can be alone but their ultimate desire is to find their forever/grand finale love.


The Lucy Goosey: Typically female. Often found in bars or online dating sites and is rather desperate to find a partner. Most divorced or never married and age 25 to 60. This single jumps from date to date rapidly. They confuse the physical aspects of intimacy with love and commitment and are often left with feelings of rejection, insecurity, jealousy…because she is rarely…if ever…the “chosen one”. She will date almost “anyone” who pays attention to her. This person is, well, desperate. I typically don’t meet this type of person in my office and I would rather not work with this type–to be honest. It is too unattractive–as a character trait–and they usually scare people off after one date. They are tough to be with on any level, frankly. I’m sure you know the type. In their book of life it is never their fault. Blame games abound.


The Even Steven: He is total mess. Commonly divorced or never married. Age 25 to 60. He is the male counterpart of Lucy Goosey. He wants love and intimacy but can’t seem to shake his past failures. This man blames women for all his failings and suffers from great insecurity in and out of the bedroom. He may also over-compensate for his weakness by seeking multiple notches in his head board…to get “EVEN” with the opposite sex…trying to desperately make himself “whole” again. He is rarely successful and noncommittal when all is said and done. Most men like this prey in bars, online dating sites or the social media area. Luckily again, I don’t meet many of these social predators in my office. They are too happy with the dark side of keyboard dating, which is more ominous. Even Steven’s like to operate under the radar of responsible authentic dating.


The Past Life Blessed: Widow or widower of any age, although typically age 55 to 80 plus. This male or female had a special marriage.They have grieved appropriately and are now ready to find new companionship (not marriage per se). This group does very well in my club as long as they avoid comparing their matches to their late husband or wife. I have seen many widows and widowers find love again in my club–and it is SO REWARDING. My heart goes out to those who have found the key to happy marriage…and I know…as with the “HOPEFUL ROMANTICS” that there can be a chapter after a loss of a spouse. This generation of seniors today (from 60s to the 80s), given the right circumstances and opportunity, can really have a ball. I see it all the time! I am not even afraid to age anymore! Thank you to all my seniors for being so cool and open minded to love/kinship after loss of a spouse. It can happen.


May all of your April Goals come true! Let’s give you exciting moments to look forward to this coming summer. Take a moment to do something solely for YOU. ,


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Kelly Leary’s career spans a successful three decades in the love business. In her 31 years of experience, she has watched the dating scene morph drastically with the onset of online dating and she has witnessed a huge boom in her longstanding private practice–especially post pandemic. With her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, with a Forensic Concentration, she has revolutionized the industry. She has been profiled by PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News, Boca Magazine, The Palm Beach Post and other publications. Kelly was also named “Florida Woman” in recent years. Her clients are prescreened first, including background checks. Professional client photos are taken in house. Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive connections, Kelly is also involved in the charity community sponsoring organizations like The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Furry Friends, and Chasin’ A Dream Foundation. To get started, simply call (561) 630-XOXO (9696) or (772) 932-HERE (4373) or register on her website at

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