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Changing the Way People Discover True Love

Revolution Dating
Changing the way people find love across the Treasure Coast
By Wendy Meyerson Vogeley

What’s love got to do with it? Only everything. It’s what everyone wants, everyone needs and what makes the world go around. According to Kelly Leary, a veteran matchmaker with a Masters Degree in clinical Psychology and the founder of Revolution Dating, “It’s a proven fact that having love in your life makes you happier, healthier, it turns your whole world around.” And it’s been Kelly’s mission over the last 23 years to help people find love. A mission she’s successfully achieving one happy couple after another.
Revolution Dating is unlike any other matchmaking service out there today; it’s a totally personal approach to bringing people together. “It’s like being set up by a very close friend, someone who knows you best.” Each member of Revolution Dating goes through a rigorous screening process before Kelly will represent them. “What we have is a community of single, divorced, widowed men and women from 25 to 85 years old who are ready for a committed relationship, emotionally, financially and socially.”
The group is totally diverse, from doctors and lawyers to teachers, business owners and more. Revolution works with each member independently to help them find that one special person, from a personal photo shoot, to dating skills and even wardrobe guidance, it’s customized to their needs. “We have members who haven’t dated in 31 years and suddenly find themselves single, they don’t even know where to begin.” Revolution hosts a variety of events to bring people together, from kayaking trips to parties, mixers and more. Each event is meticulously planned to ensure that there is a 50-50 ratio of men and women, among other details. So you’ll never find yourself outnumbered or just another face in the crowd. Of course, if you’re one who’s not into group activities and prefers privacy; Revolution will take great care in arranging one-on-one dates keeping your needs in mind. And when you become a member of Revolution, you can expect total privacy, professionalism and that you’re among an elite group of high-quality people.
So if you’re ready to find the love of your life, give Kelly a call at 772-932-4373 or visit and get started. Call today and be on the guest list for their next party on June 26, 2014.
QUOTE: “Making the call is the first step to an exciting, fulfilling relationship, a future filled with love, it’s that simple.”
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