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Men Magnets

Men Love Revolution Dating!

Why do men love Revolution Dating? Simply put, because women do!

Men follow women, and the most beautiful, sophisticated women in South Florida and the Treasure Coast can be found only at Revolution Dating…


Revolution Dating is THE go-to dating service for men in the region! Undoubtedly due to the high-caliber of women we attract, the personalized services we provide and exciting excursions we organize, Revolution Dating has experienced an astonishing increase in popularity with male clients.


Ideal for men who are tired of the game-playing or are not comfortable in the bar scene, our exclusive matchmaking service takes the guesswork out of dating. All of our clients are pre-screened and genuinely looking for a quality relationship, providing an automatic endorsement for fellow matches.


But Revolution Dating also goes far beyond just recommending single women in the area! Read on below to learn more about the top reasons we have become South Florida and Treasure Coast men’s favorite dating service!!

Top 8 Reasons Why Men Love Revolution Dating

  1. Men love the Revolution Dating Club because WOMEN do.  Men follow women. It’s biblical and much older than the concept of “Ladies Night.” Men go where women are going….especially the smart ones!
  2. Revolution Dating women are beautiful on the inside and outside. Plus, men trust that these ladies are sincere daters, not users.
  3. The women of Revolution Dating are forthright with the men they date, which men appreciate!
  4. You won’t meet many of our beautiful women online or in any bar, which is exactly why smart men are attracted to our club. They know that Revolution Dating is where all the fantastic ladies are!
  5. Men love the feedback and sisterly advice from the all-female staff of Revolution Dating.  We have a staffer that represents each age group.
  6. We take the “guesswork” and game-playing out of dating for our male clients. Revolution Dating’s staff advises our handsome male clients about which of our beautiful female clients they should pursue based on that individual’s interests, traits, and relationship goals. This makes the dating process so much easier for guys!
  7.  Revolution Dating plays “wing man” by endorsing men to women. Men typically bear the brunt of the work involved with dating, but we make the process easier for males (and subsequently females), which is why people really love us!
  8. Revolution Dating goes far beyond just recommending matches! We plan exciting events including kayak trips, luaus, and dinner theater mystery parties to lighten the intensity of dating!!
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