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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Up Next: A Revolutionary Summer (of Love)!

Welcome to the Summer of Love 2015. First of all, I would like to take this time to thank all of you who came to our Annual Love-Fest 2015 last month. Our party was an overwhelming success, attracting the area’s top singles, matching up hot new couples, and generating enormous buzz as the premier singles event in all of South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Do make a note to self: No one does summer like Revolution Dating!

This month, as promised, to honor of all of you amazing FATHERS, I am delivering “Dating Advice For Women” from some of our favorite men in the club. So, Ladies, this month it is our turn. Whether you are dating, married, or have your eye on a certain guy, these 10 points are bound to revolutionize your love life. Keep in mind, if no one is on your radar, our radar is wide and spans the East Coast of Florida. If you prefer to opt out of parties, I would be happy to set you up on a one-on-one date so you can test out this hot advice.

So women who want to LOVE MORE…read on…and men…we wish you a very Happy Fathers Day! We appreciate YOU!

1. Men are visual and we enjoy a beautiful woman. Likewise, beauty is only skin deep so maintain your inner beauty as well, please!–Ryan, Cardiologist, age 48.

2. Spend an entire evening together without texting or Facebooking. This would be incredible.–Bill, Engineer, age 35.

3. “Say it in FIVE WORDS or less!”–Hugh Hefner, he is not a client, but he certainly is REVOLUTIONARY.

4. Boys will be boys, so lets face it, “more physical touch” is the number one way to a mans heart.–Michael, CPA, age 55.

5. Show more appreciation, encouragement, support and thank your man for all he does for you. Men hold a big weight on their shoulders and long to be appreciated. –Ed, Retired Builder, age 67.
6. Men don’t want to hear gossip. Instead, tell him something good about your day. He wants to hear you are happy!–Brady, CEO, age 41.

7. Guys don’t say a lot, but when they do, they want their woman to listen. Maybe even ask a question to engage more conversation. It shows you care. –Dennis, Retired Detective, age 63.

8. Give your man what he wants. Whether it’s cooking, one-on-one private time, or letting him go fishing with the guys. Do this and watch him bring the world to your doorstep! –Paul, Family Law Attorney, age 50.

9. Be genuine from the get go of a relationship. At some point the real you will come out and this is a guys biggest fear. He needs to fall in love with the real you if the relationship is going to sustain the test of time. –John, Software Developer, age 45.

10. Men can’t read your mind, so tell them what you want and you are likely to get it. Men have learned, if their woman is happy, they are happy. –Bob, Retired Business Owner, Age 75.

Looking forward to meeting you soon in my office,
Kelly XoXo

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