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The Singles Scene
By: Kelly Leary

Cupid Aims Her Arrow

This month for Valentine’s Day, I feel very happy to share a few valuable quick fixes that should get you through this high pressure romantic month! I hope this brings you…HOPE.

1~ No matter what your age, there are incredible individuals who are seeking someone just like you. “All of the good ones are not taken….look in the mirror…you are available, right?”

2~ Dating should NOT be a numbers game (in the monetary sense). Have you heard the saying: “Right man! Wrong Time!” That being said, do you have any idea how many people are online dating or in bars looking for financial gains? More and more men and women come to me to protect what they have (financially). We all have to be careful. Someone looking for love with a HIDDEN AGENDA of financial gains is NOT a good prospect! If you are looking for love on a FREE dating site or a cheap dating site (which lets face it…they are all cheap)…you are literally LOOKING for love in all the wrong places and you will “get what you pay for”. I’ve heard countless horror stories in my office! You do not want to put yourself in that situation. Face it, online dating can be much more expensive then the small monthly fee in the long run. It could cost you big dollars dating the wrong people and can waste a lot of time too!

3~ Position yourself to meet others who have their “act” together. In other words, you should date someone who has a relatively nice home life, work life, or retired life, but they are missing only one thing (their special someone). Your potential romantic partner should have NO ulterior motive to be with you…other then true relationship intimacy. It’s “the be all end all” factor in true connections.
Enrolling someone who is “relationship ready” is my highest goal as a matchmaker. At the end of the confidential interview, my hope is to like this new candidate so much that I would introduce them to my own mother, brother, or cousins. I am looking for someone that has a happy life generally…for someone who I can feel good about representing. People come to me because they are sick of the bars, too busy to look, or want nothing to do with online dating. Our clients are above the silliness….too smart to waste & risk time, money, headache and most of all heartache.

This month, to honor love…WELCOME LOVE into your life. Do it for you and St. Valentine. By now you know, he or she is not going to show up on your doorstep so it’s a great time to get out and have some REAL fun!

The perfect moment is HERE AND NOW! Say HELLO to this awakening moment…and to your new love life. If you follow this Win-Win plan, I promise you will feel ten times better as February 14th is coming soon!

Hoping to see many of you at our February Event…which will fall towards the end of the month. Please call today for details, as seats are selling out now.

Much Love to you and yours,

XOXO Kelly

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