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HERLIFE Magazine SPOTLIGHT – Revolution Dating

A feature article was released in HERLIFE Magazine out this month about leading South Florida matchmaking service Revolution Dating.

The company’s dedication to building genuine relationships, has helped clearly distinguish Revolution Dating from competitive dating services.

Below is a link to the feature article, as well as its full text:

Her Life Feature July 2014 copyHer Life Feature July 2014 copy2

In love is the highest form of togetherness. Know that, and you’ll know Kelly Leary, founder of Revolution Dating. She believes this, and clients know when they come to her, they can feel good about the men or women they meet.

The idea for Revolution Dating began in 1991, when she worked for a dating service in Boca Raton while attending graduate school in Miami for her doctoral degree. She had her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and it was while working on her doctorate that she came to the realization her calling was the dating industry. So, she immersed herself full scale.

“The lighter brighter side of psychology,” she noted.

She now has 23 years in this fascinating industry and she and her team of “Cupids” have been helping singles from age 25 to 75 become couples through their expert matchmaking service and events. A published author, this amazing young woman has a monthly column, “The Single Scene,” which has been running for five years. Her insightful words have become known as the local “Sex in the City” column!

“Starting in this business as a younger girl and being an idealist, I always felt I could make the industry better for clients,” she revealed. “I have always wanted to do better and I knew it was possible. In the last ten years, I had made huge strides in the industry and the number of happy clients and couples had increased but there was still more for me to do to help the dating-love process along.”

Kelly, now over 40, has epitomized her dream company through courage and support from the community, family, friends, and clients. Now, the “revolution” of love is in full bloom in her new offices in PGA Commons. She confirmed she has taken the best of the industry, dropped the rest, and added a few more exciting perks with Cupid’s Arrow.

She admits she’s always been a matchmaker. She is originally from the Northeast, and was born in Boston, into a very entrepreneurial business family that is known for success in the Vermont area. As luck, and fate, would have it, the family moved to Florida when she was five, and she grew up in Fort Lauderdale. She attended prep school, then college in Boca Raton, where she graduated Cum Laude before graduate school in Miami, where she was a member of the Psi Chi Honor Society.

“I’ve always brought people together, I love togetherness. In school, I was friends with everyone; from the jocks to the bookish to the band to the socialites. I love seeing people together and happy,” she remarked.

The unique part about Revolution Dating is that they help people find love offline. They are not an online dating site, and absolutely never pass clients onto an online database once they sign up.

“We believe in getting to know our clients personally. We make matches based on our expertise and talents, and we start by building the relationship with the client first. If we know our client we can help them find love! We often get it right on the first date, but sometimes it takes four or seven or eleven…but each date is pleasant with a ‘real person’ who is verified by us,” Kelly asserted. “The only thing I can’t do is guarantee chemistry. That’s up to the men and women I set up. That’s the X factor, and eventually we find it!”

There is no reason why a man or woman should not visit Kelly and her team to find a soul mate. Especially women, because they get to know the men, so ladies can feel as if they are meeting someone through a friend. Which is much safer.

“Online dating or meeting men in bars can be scary, to say the least. Our men are professional with jobs and homes. Many have graduate degrees, doctoral degrees and own their own business. To be quite candid, most of the men that I work with are not players or users. Insincere dating men don’t need me, they are doing great on their own,” she wholeheartedly insisted. “These type of men like to fly, or shall I say ‘slither’ under the radar. So women in my club are less likely statistically to meet a womanizer at Revolution Dating.”

When Kelly talks people listen. It is evident by all the sincerely happy couples she has inspired. When asked how she would advise any woman wishing to own her own business, she responded, “Create your own ‘dream team’ of experts prior to your ‘inception.’ Align yourself with people at the top of their field. Cut yourself off from those who bring you down. Ladies, you may lose some friends who can’t handle your success; but as I always say ‘the cream has a way of rising to the top.’ Those that stay by your side are true, and that’s why we are here: true connections, true love.”

She, as a born entrepreneur, understands through her work she has been given a key to help and is using it. The sky is the limit and she is changing the way lovers find love, one date at a time.

“Isn’t that what a revolution is about?” she smiled.

Kelly invites women to find love off line, and reminds us all, “We only have one life, one chance, and it flies by. Enjoy and seek out meaningful relationships based on sincere truths of love and kindness. Have REAL MOMENTS. Make REAL MEMORIES. Live love laugh!”

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