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In December: All You Need is Love

Fact: The HOLIDAYS can bring out the best and the worst in people and for different reasons. NO one wants to be single and solo during any holiday…let alone the BIG holidays in December followed by New Years Eve and Valentines Day! If you are wavering between excitement and dread and your calendar is filling up with invites, LOVE YOURSELF and give yourself the gift of love this season! Nothing beats the gift of LOVE and the ideal feeling of being in love. December is time to celebrate life and living. I’m here to tell you: you do NOT have to go it alone with The Revolution near by. We have cracked the code to Holiday Romance and are here to share that with you. Get excited and focus on love to get you through this season. “All we need is love and love is all you need!” This is what the holidays are about…so just go for it!

In my soon to be 25 years of experience in the matchmaking business, I’ve seen more than ever before, that online daters have become intolerably disenchanted with the risky game of the internet dating sites. Anyone can create a fraudulent profile with outdated phony photos. At Revolution Dating, we meet everyone face to face…separating the good from the bad. It’s more like dating through a friend (we are your friends/cheerleaders/wing men all wrapped up into one amazing revolutionary team of real life Earth Angels). We are not just setting up dates, we are changing lives and what better time to start but now, in December, before the New Year? (Bonus: our Grande Finale Party is a few days before New Years…upping the odds that the NYE Kiss will happen for you!)

During the Holidays we see a huge increase of new applicants. Years ago, people used a dating service because they couldn’t get a date. Today, many join because they are too busy to look or dislike online dating and the bar scene. Revolution Dating is an upbeat private relationship club set up to attract upwardly mobile singles from their late 20’s to comfortably retired men and women in their early 80’s. Our corporation has recently been celebrated on the Cover of two magazines this past year, and I’m proud to say that this column has been picked up by another publication this year called Nostalgic America Magazine. All this love we are recognizing comes from the love we give and create for others…and for this I’m grateful and humbled.

To further our commitment to the Love Movement, Revolution Dating has been the proud sponsors of many charity events in 2015…and the volume and quality of the men and women we meet at these events is more than impressive. This month, we are sponsoring the Palm Beach Boat Parade on December 5th and the Barks, Babes, and Brews Annual Auction on December 7th to benefit the Tri-County Animal Rescue. We are no doubt meeting all the right singles in all the right places…which ultimately benefits YOU and the community and this is what we are all about…LOVING, GIVING, LIVING, AND SHARING.

This Holiday Season hundreds of local people will spend this month together thanks to my Team and I…and that gives us great joy. Look at the tragedy we saw in the world last month. LOVE is the answer. Today, do something spectacular for YOU. We all deserve love. Conquer hate and fear by loving more! Beyond that, follow your dreams and take the steps to make them come true. #BeUnstoppable #DontLookBack #GiveYourselfTheGiftOfLove

“One is the loneliest number, two is perfect, and three is a crowd.” Life is what you make it and so are the Holidays. So don’t forget about YOU! The Holidays will pass but the memories won’t. Your soul will remember these holiday moments good or bad so follow the love and you can’t fail. #LeadByExample #BeRevolutionary #HolidaySeasonIsLOVE #BeLove #AimTrue #FollowYourHeart #BeTheChange #IfNotNowThenWhen

Happy Holidays from our house to your house! Looking forward to meeting many more spectacular people this month! The cheer in my office this month is contagious and invigorating! We are here for you and we have plenty of love to go around at Revolution Dating as you can tell in our monthly photos!


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