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Match-maker, Match-maker, Make Me a Match!

Revolution Dating has been spotlighted in the press more in the last twelve months than any other year in history. As we begin to celebrate my 25th year in the dating business, I am so thankful to all of you who have “followed the matchmaker” through the years. Let love rule.

Today, I share with you the article that was recently published by Florida Woman Magazine. Joella Cain and I sat down at a local hot spot and she interviewed me as well as several of my clients. It was a fanastic experience with this very wise woman, and former writer for the Chicago Tribune. I was honored to be the “star” of her award winning magazine for this issue. Please enjoy the story about Revolution Dating and me! May the Silver Anniversary fun begin!

Match-maker, Match-maker,
Make Me a Match.

By Joella Cain

Publisher of
Florida Woman Magazine

This famous song best describes Kelly Leary, who is President and Founder of Revolution Dating. She has been responsible for long term relationships, marriages, and just plain fun dates. “It is a joy for me to see the right people get together and know Revolution Dating was the catalyst in accomplishing this feat.” Kelly Leary is a stunning gal who stands at 5’7” with a perfect size 4 figure but do not let the looks fool you.

Beneath that beautiful façade is a woman with a purpose and a brain for business. She has been working in the match-making business since the nineties with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology which she puts to use in matching her clients with just the right person.

While working with another company she saw the flaws and refined her own ideas and opened up her own organization which took dating and match-making to a higher level. Today, Leary throws parties for ninety to 200 people looking for love, adventure or just to date and have fun. These are fun affairs in all the right places.

I attended one of her annual “Love Fests” at Rocco Taco’s in the North end of Palm Beach County and approximately 200 people were there with a balance of men and women, beautifully dressed and looking like professionals. We interviewed a new member from Delray Beach, who is extremely pleased with the manner in which Revolution Dating conducts their business. “I was checked out , interviewed, and immediately became a member. I was then invited to attend a party and I was impressed to find such a great group of people. It is definitely safe and much better than internet dating.”

The way her business is structured is why it works. There is the professional man and woman looking for a partner that is compatible, and then there is the high-end millionaire’s club. Leary created a business that is multi-faceted and is run much like a country club, with a membership fee and additional annual dues.

No, she isn’t like Patti Stanger, who operates a more in your face type of dating game encouraging her clients to French kiss on the first date, only she calls it “doing tongue.” Patti has a different approach to match-making where Kelly Leary has a very low-key, first class operation for the single dating women and men who are professionals with both coming from a similar background.

Revolution Dating takes photos of their members when they sign-up and some are not interested in parties and want a more one on one match. Leary can provide whatever the member wants, whether it be at a party or a private match. However, Leary throws beautiful parties where her members can meet face to face and decide if they want to take it a step further.

She has in mind which one of her members would be compatible with another so she makes sure they are both at the same soiree. She then takes the time to introduce them. There is none of this blind date with both parties going in without prior knowledge of the other guy.

Upscale venues are in order with the Brazilian Court in Palm Beach, Chez Jean Pierre’s and Jupiter Beach Club as several where all members of Revolution meet for private parties. Leary has a myriad of age groups with a more mature group who met and are still dating.

Some of her members have found partners and formed a long term relationship, several even moving in with each other. She is not a novice to the business having been match-making since the nineties. “I have placed more happy couples together and this gives me a feeling of accomplishment. It is difficult trying to find the right gal or guy and the internet dating scene only scratches the surface. “

Revolution Dating hosts monthly parties and holiday bashes. Kelly has had several parties at the Brazilian Court in Palm Beach around the holidays and some really “ over the top” parties for her millionaire members. We might fly him and his date, private to an island for dinner, depending upon how much he wants to impress the gal. The millionaire members are a select group of men who want to meet the right woman but do not have time to hang out at bars to peruse the patrons.

That is why this membership is so valuable to these men and of course it gives the women the opportunity to meet these types of men. “The company has a varied group of members. There is the “under 40s crowd” and the fifty and over. The mature members have matches that could never been accomplished without the assistance of Revolution Dating.
“We try and put people together who have a lot in common. We know which members do have as we have profiles on their likes and dislikes. This gives me an opportunity to go over the resumes and photos of members and decide which introductions I feel would be valuable to each of them. I love this business and putting the right people together.”

Kelly and her company like to give back to the community and have donated time and services to Bluewater Babes, Toys for Tots and a enumerable other charities.

Revolution Dating is a “class act” and it gives people, regardless of age, a chance to meet the right gal or guy, in a very upscale environment with available, educated, people. Kelly has been featured in Florida publications and recently asked to appear on national TV. A renaissance and revolutionary woman indeed.

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