What Type of Single Are You?

Single Scene Column© March 15, 2015

by Kelly Leary, M.S., Founder of Revolution Dating

I have always believed that if we understand who we are, we can grow and become better individuals. So let’s find out what type of single YOU are, and then for fun, see if you can help some of your friends and family find out “What type of single they are too!!”

1. The Curmudgeon Single: This type may be single, divorced or widowed. Key traits: cranky, negative, grouchy…in some ways even unlovable. There may be a sense of desire for another completely “out of their league” which exaggerates their bad attitude…as they are never satisfied. Likelihood of resuming a relationship…slim to none. Open to change…minimal. This male or female may have been cheated on or took large financial hit in life and never recovered. This person can be helped with some therapy or a complete change of attitude. However, a “revolution” becomes less likely with age. If this is you, get moving while you “still got it”.

2. The HopeFULL Romantic: Luckily “most” of the people I meet in my office are this type. This male or female has felt love more then once. They have also felt heart ache…but they continue to love again…and they almost always do! WHY? Because they believe in love AND they know they are lovable. This person knows the benefits of love will ALWAYS outweigh the risks. Single, divorced, or widowed of ALL AGES…this person has a high success rate and the odds are in their favor. This person can be alone, but their ultimate desire is to find a special person to share their life.

3. The Lucy Goosey: Typically female. She is often found in bars or online dating sites is rather desperate to find love. Most divorced or never married ….25 to 55. This woman jumps from man to man rapidly. She confuses physical aspects of intimacy with love and commitment and is often left with feelings of rejection, insecurity, and often jealousy…because she is rarely…if ever…the “chosen one”. She will date almost “anyone” who pays attention to her. She is kind of sad and really needs some help. As she is not getting any younger, like the rest of us. A revolution is in order if she is not too far gone. Key word: STANDARDS!

4. The Even Steven: He is total mess. Commonly divorced or never married. Age 25 to 65. He is the male counterpart of Lucy Goosey. He wants love and intimacy but can’t seem to shake his past failures. This man blames women for all his failings, and suffers from great insecurity in and out of the bedroom. He may also over-compensate for his weakness by seeking multiple notches in his head board…to get “EVEN” with the opposite sex…trying to desperately make himself “whole” again. He is rarely successful and noncommittal when all is said and done. Most men like this prey in bars and online dating. They see themselves as super cool but they are seriously mistaken. Smart women with STANDARDS usually run from men like this. Like Loosey Goosey, get over yourself! Change is in order, and if change is not possible…we certainly do not want to represent this type of man!

5. The Past Life Blessed: Widow or widower of any age, although typically age 60 to 80+. This male or female had a special marriage. Has grieved appropriately and is now “ready to find new companionship.” However, they are comparing everyone they date to their late husband or wife. I have seen many widows and widowers find love again in my club…and that if they can’t seem to shake the past…perhaps a few therapy sessions may help? My hats are off to those who have found the key to happy marriage…and I know…as with the “HOPEFULL ROMANTICS” that there can be a chapter after a death of spouse. The generation of seniors today given the right circumstances and opportunity…can really have a ball. I see it all the time! Losing a spouse is a tragedy and loss that can not be measured and is sacred to the individual. The seniors of today are not like my late Grandmothers generation (she was born in 1920). The seniors of today, widowed or not, are opting to look for companionship or romance again. My Grandmother wore Black for many years after my grandfather passed and she would have NEVER considered it.

So you see, the world has changed. We have to change with it. If a revolution is in order in your life, we can certainly help you! So get revolutionary and get lucky in LOVE this month!!! Hope to celebrate with you soon!

Thank you for sharing your Sunday with me again! Xoxo, Kelly

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