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Matchmaking Under the Mistletoe

by: Kelly Leary, M. S. , The Florida Matchmaker, est. 1991

“A very merry season, and a happy new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any fear. ”

Seasons Greetings and welcome to the most magical time of the year. I am so glad you are here! As always, if you are spoken for, do share this hopeful news with your single family and friends who may be struggling this time of year.


Dating in December can be more romantic than any other time of the year. Just think about your first-date venue options. Think about how you can quickly see if you are compatible with someone just by driving through a neighborhood decked out in holiday lights or visiting the local chocolate factory. How someone handles the holiday season is often a window to how they handle their entire life. Think about it!


The holidays can bring out an abundance of good energy which can promote positive feelings in even the biggest grinch. Cupid and santa love to work in tandem too–as you know–making it even more possible for your dreams to come true. Your odds of attracting your future partner are doubled in december. (keep in mind: this doesn’t mean you have to spend the high holidays together if you just started dating. )


Let’s face it though, this time of year can bring on a case of the holiday blues. If you don’t prioritize yourself this month, you may have regrets. You don’t have to halt dating just because it’s the holidays. Your children are likely grown and if not–and you are a single parent–all the more reason to gift yourself too. You absolutely should step it up a bit. There is no gain in being a martyr. It is also a bad example for your offspring.


So, let your heart be light and end the year strong with ease and elegance! Consider the following details before you write down your december goals. Remember that it really is a wonderful life when you make the moments count.


The upside of being single in December:


1. You don’t have to buy your romantic partner a gift. L. O. L. Some people think this way. Some people hold off dating until march after the holidays and valentine’s day. Bah humbug, right?


2. You can pick and choose where you want to go for holiday gatherings. Yeah! No more long drives to the in-laws! Double-yeah!


3. You have more time for yourself and your family since you no longer have to split your time between families. Do things and celebrate the way you want to and hopefully, we meet you sooner than later. This year all of the big holidays fall at the end of the month. By taking steps now, you can pre-empt that defeated feeling. This is so empowering. Thank me later.


The downside of being single in December:


1. People will feel sorry for you, no matter what you say or think.


2. You will be asked endless irritating questions that make your skin crawl: “why are you still single? ” suddenly everyone is a critic, right?


3. You will have no one to kiss on new year’s eve (biggest bummer ever).


4. You will be sleeping alone on the most romantic nights of the year. Is it ever fun to sleep alone?


The grand solution: no matter what your age is–thirty or eighty–you can find a new partner. We see it every day. Increase your odds of finding authentic and attractive people to date with bravado and faith in our 31 year sustainable matchmaking system. We know it’s tough being single, newly single, or widowed this time of year. However, you can simply and proactively flip the script. There is someone out there who feels like you and is waiting to meet you too… Especially this month.


A gift of love (from you to you) will lift your spirits instantly. The action of doing something about this will change your vibe for the whole month… Even if you decide you want your first date after January. You know you are a client and your file is all set up and ready to go. You beat the rush.


Understand, many of your married friends are faking it through the holiday as if they were happy. Many will argue and bicker, unfortunately. You are in a great situation. You are the designer of your love life and you will choose who to kiss when the clock strikes twelve on new year’s eve, with our help. Your future match is waiting for you to get your name in our Santa hat. Birds of a feather flock together. Take a look at our new drop of clients too… So impressive… Even more so in person and we have met every one of them in our office!


So this is December in loveland and i wish you happiness too. This is your birthright. Please keep love and hope as your guiding light, and you won’t go wrong. Let love guide you. Still stuck between fear and love? Choose love.


December holds a mirror up to you and asks, “what do you want this year my dear? ” i know what you want because you are reading this column. The next step is your responsibility. Make your appointment to meet us and we will take care of the rest.


Wishing you an extraordinary holiday season and a happy new year 2023! Let the good times roll!


Thank you for sharing your year with me once again. The love in me honors the love in all of you.


Xoxo, Kelly


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Kelly Leary has a stellar 31 years in the dating industry and a masters degree in psychology. Revolution dating participates in multiple charitable organizations such as the leukemia lymphoma society, chasin a dream foundation, furry friends animal adoption clinic and more. Revolution dating members are prescreened in person including background checks. Professional photos are taken by the staff. This is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles un-single through their exclusive club membership, this club also provides dating feedback and coaching as needed. Please call the hotline at 561-630-xoxo (9696) or 772-932-here (4373) to speak to a live matchmaker. You may also visit us at www. Revolutiondating. Com. *all inquiries are confidential.

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