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Premier matchmaking and events service launches new hub in Palm Beach Gardens

This month I am so excited to announce the launch of Revolution Dating, an upscale dating and events club which will be delivering more love and friendship to single, divorced, and widowed adults in Florida.  My long term team and I have been working over time planning parties and benefits for all of you. “Its not what you know, its who you know“…and we know some amazing single men and women!”
Our office location is the icing on the cake!  Located near Spoto’s Oyster Bar, Rocco’s Tacos, and Vic & Angelo’s Restaurants, three great date spots. In the past, businesses like ours have been located “high in the tower” hidden away from the general public. Today, with online dating & matchmaking becoming  mainstream, placing our new office right in the mix of the hottest restaurants in town is ideal.  Many who have been on the fence will now feel more comfortable calling us. Revolution Dating has been called the “hottest gig in town” by many singles touting that “this is going to be the best way to meet other quality singles!”
After two decades of success in the industry, I feel driven to raise the bar for our many friends and clients.  I am excited to introduce new types of events from “Oscar Night” to “Ballroom Dance Events” to “Yoga Workshop” to “Tandem Kayaking”.  Our goal is to attract date-worthy professional and retired singles.  Between my 23 years in the business, and my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, my talents rival some of the best in the U.S.A.!  I’m happy to bring it all to YOU…making the gap from “single” to “taken” very easy!
Since 1991, I’ve helped thousands aged 25-85 find friendship and romance.  Last year, I celebrated another record year of successful matches,  and I can’t wait to increase the numbers in 2014!  The majority of my clients report a positive dating experience which means they are now engaged, married or happily dating.
Our client base ranges from Vero Beach to Broward County. Every one is screened which includes background checks.  Once a client of Revolution Dating, perks abound. Membership includes a professional photo shoot, profile-writing assistance, one-on-one date coaching, image consulting, and/or even personal shopping to get you ready for your first date.  We also have an expert who will help get your home “relationship ready” post-divorce or break-up.  There is even a “Millionaires Only Circle” available as an option. For some, we will even plan the date for you by request!
We are here to jump start your love life!  Our parties are private for our friends and members, unlike other singles events where anyone can attend.   As always, our events are first come first serve ! If you don’t like parties, no problem, we can do one on one set-ups.  The club is custom made to the single clients needs.
To celebrate the Revolution of Love 2014, we are offering new clients who join before April 20 an invite to our Sexy Singles Launch Party at the end of April.  This will be the biggest singles event of theyear–be sure to RSVP to 561-630-XOXO today if you want to come play with us.  
Revolution Dating is light years ahead of the bar scene, online dating, or any other club in you will come to know. My team is truly dedicated to love and building relationships. This is not just about a “date”, this is a life changing experience!
I hope to see you at the party this in April!   Much Love As Always, Your Local Cupid, Kelly
For more information, contact Revolution Dating at (561) 630-XOXO 

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