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Special Fall Edition by: Kelly Leary, M.S. & Miranda Capparelli, COO, The Revolution Dating Firm

“I promise to keep you safe from the vampires and witches because that is what a matchmaker is supposed to do for you. Happy Halloween, Friends.”~~Yours Truly


As the cool autumn breeze sets in, the Fall Season marks the last quarter of another year. This is a time of mystery, turnover, and transformation. In a world where love and connection are increasingly distorted through digital overload, matchmaking has emerged as the only true powerhouse of quality social introductions. Matchmaking offers a more authentic alternative to the uncertainties of online dating and the bar scene. This approach is wildly attractive to busy young professionals, seniors, and people who can not be seen online (CEOs, Lawyers, First Responders, Doctors, Teachers, etc.). Privacy matters to us and our clients. So today, we will delve into the eerie statistics that reveal why matchmaking is a beacon of light in the shadowy realm of today’s dating culture. Have you heard of the Dark Web? Well, guess what: Dating via the web is one and the same.


CAUTION: The following information will spook you!


As we all know, online dating predators often involve individuals creating fake profiles to establish emotional connections before ever meeting eye to eye. As digital dating has grown, so has the opportunity for malicious catfishes and actors to take advantage of vulnerable hearts via the guise of a computer screen or smartphone. During our research in writing this article–even WE were terrified (and that is hard to do because we have seen it all). Consider us to be First Responders of love. We are your front-line warriors and have been for 32 successful years. Below are a few facts you may want to absorb and share with your friends, based on true stories (some very local and some national).


-Yearly, there are approximately 16,000 abductions associated with online introductions. Single parents should be cautious of dating if they have a child at home. This is another reason single parents are attracted to our dating club.


-Florida is the third state in the country with the highest number of catfish situation-ships and worse (too severe to mention in this community newspaper). 


-This is true about meeting people in bars in Florida. Predators often come here to troll the nicer bars so they can size up their possible target from head-to-toe IN-PERSON. Let’s not forget that you could get your drink spiked. This happens to men too, fellas. One man in Miami recently woke up in a fog in his own home, only to have his Rolex and many pieces of art gone. He is lucky to have woken up, right?


-I personally met a woman locally who had a black eye. I felt compelled to speak to her. She told me she woke up on the side of the road after a night out here in northern Palm Beach County. She was so ashamed and did not want to even file an official report with the police, but I urged her to do so.


-One in ten online daters have formal deviant complaints filed against them…imagine the ones that go unreported!


In monumental contrast, matchmaking offers HOPE in the realm of the cold tech world. We, The Matchmakers, armed with education, experience, vetting skills, and compassion, strive to create genuine connections based on compatibility, values, and shared goals. Our personalized approach reduces the time, money, and headache that could result from online dating or a bar hook-up. We also ensure that both parties are genuinely interested in forming a meaningful relationship. Why else would they join? This is an INSURANCE POLICY on sincerity.


Still, believe that you are too smart to be a victim?


1. According to a study conducted by the Matchmaking Institute, instances of hidden agendas and fraudulent activities are significantly lower in matchmaking compared to online dating platforms (and the bar scene). The study found that matchmaking clients reported a mere 2% occurrence of insincere daters. At Revolution Dating, we aim to weed these characters out of the ballpark OVER THE PHONE. They are not invited into our office. If we don’t want to meet an applicant, nor should you. We are your buffer and we are PICKY. We also request a strict set of IDENTIFICATIONS over the phone to scare away the bad guys for you. If someone is lying about who or what they are on the phone, they are sure to unravel when we mention our “fab five” forms of IDs required to book their in-person appointment. This is a great safety net for us and YOU.


2. A chilling statistic reveals that only 17% of couples who meet through online dating platforms have lasting relationships that lead to marriage or long-term commitment. In contrast, matchmaking boasts a success rate of approximately 63%, showing that carefully curated connections lead to more fruitful and lasting partnerships and friendships.


3. Note, the perks of personalization. As Halloween decorations take over your neighborhood, it’s clear that people are drawn to unique and personalized designs as opposed to cookie-cutter images, right? PEOPLE ADMIRE CREATIVITY. Matchmaking offers this same touch in the realm of dating. As matchmakers, we invest time in getting to know our clients, allowing us to craft connections that are not solely based on superficial characteristics but into the deeper layers of personalities and values.



As the moon casts its glow on the nights leading up to Halloween, it’s evident that matchmaking has emerged as the silver bullet in the world of dating. With statistics unveiling superior safety features and higher success rates, matchmaking provides a haven of authenticity. October is the perfect time to change your ways. It is a GREAT MONTH to get out there again or to rewrite the narrative on how 2023 will end.


On that note, thank you to all of our new applicants who have PRE-BOOKED their first interview with us. The good news is that clients who get started in October have a higher chance of meeting an ideal dating partner before the high holy holidays and the turn of the New Year 2024. Make the last three months of this year count. Your future self will thank you later.


We can’t wait to meet you!


Kelly & Miranda


P.S. Feel FREE to mention this article and how long you have been reading it when you schedule your appointment. Some of you have been following this column for more than 15 years. We thank you for that too. Spread the love this season. Let’s Rock-Tober!


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Kelly Leary© has 33 years in the dating industry and a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She has been profiled by Modern Luxury Magazine in the Fall 2023 Issue as a Dynamic Business Woman. Look for it on shelves now. She has also been written about in The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News, Jupiter Magazine, and many more. Revolution Dating members are pre-screened in-person including background checks. Professional photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is NOT online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive club memberships, Kelly and her team also provide feedback from your dates when appropriate. Mock Dates are available by request. Single Coaching Sessions and Evaluations are also available by request for non-members or as an add-on to some memberships. *All inquiries are confidential.  

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