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The 5 Types of Singles

By: Kelly Leary, M.S., CEO/Founder/Matchmaker


“We go together like rama-lama-lama-ka-dinga-da-dinga-dong.”~~Olivia Newton John & John Travolta


Summer love is soaring and thriving for our clients and busier than any summer I can remember. If you want to join the fun and subsequently make those fireworks last all year long, I have a challenge for you. I challenge you to discover romance again–bring back those old feelings. Remember how good it felt when you were half of a couple? Recall all the things you did in previous summers. Don’t worry about what could go wrong. Think about what could go right…and stay there.


The movie Grease said it best: “Summer lovin’ can happen so fast.” It sure can but you need to be in the right place at the right time to meet the right (single) people to make this dream become a reality, right?


To heighten your odds of summer love even further, consider this question: “What type of single are you?” or “What type of person are you dating?” If you don’t like what you discover, know that you can change your future in just one magical meeting with your favorite matchmakers. Thank you in advance for sharing your time with me today and for talking about our message of love and hope with all of your single family and friends. We love you back!


😱The Curmudgeon Single: This could sadly happen at any age. This type may be single, divorced, or widowed. Key traits: cranky, negative, grouchy, and in some ways even unlovable. This person may be overcritical and judgmental. There may be a sense of desire for another completely “out of their league” which exaggerates their bad attitude…as they are never satisfied. The likelihood of resuming a relationship is slim to none. They are often unable to see another person’s perspective. This individual may have been cheated on or taken a large financial hit in life and never recovered. This person can be helped with some therapy or a complete change of attitude. However, they become less likely to have an awakening as they age. Catch this issue quickly or help out a friend, if any of this sounds familiar. The more time that goes by, the harder it will be to change and become half of a dynamic duo (the ultimate happiness).


🥰The HopeFULL Romantic: In my opinion, this is the only way to fly! I wish everyone was this type and luckily “most” of the people I meet in my office are this type…which is WHY they came to see us. This male or female has felt love, more than once perhaps, maybe even three times. They have also felt heartache and maybe betrayal…but they continue to love again and they almost always do! WHY? Because they believe in love AND they know they are lovable. This person knows the benefits of love will ALWAYS outweigh the risks. Single, divorced, or widowed of ALL AGES, this person has a high success rate and the odds are in their favor (even more so if they have a nice circle of candidates who are LIKE THEM). This person would commit…but only with RIGHT PERSON…not any person. This person will walk away from someone who is not suitable for them. They can be alone. Their life is good financially, physically, and emotionally…but their ultimate desire is to find a special person to share their life with. They want a partner. They don’t need a partner. This is our typical client…thank heavens!


🥳The Lucy Goosey: Typically female. Often found in bars or online dating sites and she is rather desperate to find love. This woman is usually divorced or never married. This woman jumps from man to man rapidly. She confuses physical aspects of intimacy with love and commitment and is often left with feelings of rejection, insecurity, and jealousy…because she is rarely…if ever the “chosen one.” She uses little discretion in whom she dates and will date almost “anyone” who pays attention to her. She would love to commit and typically has low standards. Thankfully, this type of lady rarely comes into our office because she will settle for almost any type of man. Her bar is set very low. This woman may also be dating strictly with financial gains as her main motive, I.E. Sugar Daddy Syndrome.


🤥The Even Steven: He is a total mess. Commonly divorced or never married. The male counterpart of Lucy Goosey. He wants love and intimacy but can’t seem to shake his past failures in love AND the boardroom. He self-sabotages and is self-destructive. This man blames women for all his failings and suffers from great insecurity in and out of the bedroom. He may also over-compensate for his weakness by seeking multiple notches in his headboard…to get “EVEN” with the opposite sex…trying to desperately make himself “whole” again. He is rarely successful and noncommittal when all is said and done. I meet very few of these men in my office…as most men like this prey in bars and online. Typically they won’t even meet Revolution Dating requirements.


😇The Past Life Blessed: This gets me the most…but yet it is the most rewarding demographic to represent. Widow or widower of any age, although typically age 60 to 80 Plus. This male or female has had a special marriage. They have grieved appropriately and are now “ready to find new companionship.” I have seen many widows and widowers find love again in my club. My hats are off to those who have found the key to happy marriage…and I know…as with the “HOPEFULL ROMANTICS” that there can be a chapter after the loss of a spouse. The generation of seniors today is not the same as my grandmother’s generation. She was born in 1920 and after my grandfather passed away, she would have never dated again…or even considered it. Today’s generation of seniors is different. Given the right circumstances and opportunity, widowed seniors can have a ball. I see it all the time in my club. Seventy is the new fifty.


Whatever you are…or are not…seek out the best in others and they will find the best in you! No one is perfect. Let’s all enjoy this Summer of Love 2023…TOGETHER. We have six months until 2024. Some call this time on the calendar “Christmas in July.” Advice: Play it forward. Where do you want to be two months from now or in November or December? Find your person pre-holiday season by making your first appointment to come see us today. Do it for YOU. You deserve it too, don’t you? The world truly is in your hands and happiness is a choice. Make a good one today!


Wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July…🇺🇸. I hope the passion of July stays with you forever. For priority scheduling, please mention code: LOVEJULY when you speak to your matchmaker on the phone.





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Kelly Leary© has 33 years in the dating industry and a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She has been profiled by The Palm Beach Post, Palm Beacher Magazine, South Florida Business Journal, The Stuart News, and many other publications. All Revolution Dating members are prescreened, including having background checks. Professional member photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is NOT online dating or blind dating. For more information, please call 561-630-XOXO (9696) in the South Florida area or 772-932-HERE (4373) on the Treasure Coast or visit us at <>. All inquiries are confidential.

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