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Dating is Not a “Do-It-Yourself” Project

By: Kelly Leary, M.S., C.E.O./Matchmaker


Welcome to Revolution Dating 2.0, Circa 2023. Our mission today is to provide you with new updates and plot twists we have noticed in the last few years in the love business. Our mission, as always, is to go above and beyond just blindly setting clients up on dates. Our objective is to help our clients find true love and/or long-lasting companionship organically and OFF-LINE via our connections. We are all about setting you up IRL (in real life) and we so are grateful to share our talent with ALL of you. In the last several years (even during the pandemic), we have seen record-breaking numbers of new enrollments, couples, and close friendships. You decide your “endgame” goal, while we simply help you obtain that goal despite challenges you may have experienced before this moment. We are super excited about our growth–especially during the last few years. It is amazing what brilliant people can accomplish when they come TOGETHER with a common goal (that means all of you and us).


Online Dating has taken a bigger nose dive since the pandemic. Therefore, we are witnessing next-level clientele that normally would not consider a dating service (for whatever reason) and this boom has happened fast. In this regard, I am happy we had a break from all the events–to keep up with the new client enrollments. We have had more time to get back to our passion for matchmaking. As a result, we have come to truly dominate the SINGLES market in the Palm Beaches, Treasure Coast, and Lauderdale areas. In my 33 years in the love business, this boom in new clients and client types is fascinating compared to the years gone by. I think everyone has changed including me. It’s time to transcend any limits that have held you back from your romantic and social goals. It seems that everyone who is smart (and single) is talking about Revolution Dating and we LOVE  being the dating powerhouse of the Florida Market. Bigger is BETTER when choosing a singles network to join. LOCAL HEADQUARTERS are KEY too. In-person screening is crucial to saving your time and heart. One step into our local office for your first meeting with us–and you will know you are in the right place at the right time with the right people. Our establishment is similar to going to a doctor’s office–but much more fun–as you will see for yourself!


We are here to help make your dreams a reality so you can focus on your career, work, or family. Dating online or looking for love in all the wrong places is no longer YOUR problem. TOGETHER: We become part of the solution to the dating dilemma. You have intelligently found the answer through us AND this is all much easier than you think. In 2023, it is finally time to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. One thing is for certain: The calendar will continue to turn faster and faster as the years go by, making now the ideal time to take action. Post-pandemic, people have realized what they want, who they want, and who they don’t want. Your timing is perfect! This Valentines Day brings rise to change like no other year before. Everyone is ready for authentic sustainable relationships. Enter…Matchmaking by Revolution Dating. Use Code: VDAY2023 when booking your appointment too. This is our gift to you!


Furthermore, I cannot forget to thank you for spreading our epic message of love, life, laughter, and romance to your family and friends. People need good news too. We are all over the bad news, right? Shut the television off. Put down those screens. Vow to meet new people this month. Connection is the spice of life. “All of the good ones are not taken!” JUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR.


Thanks to our current dating climate, the word “matchmaker” has become a household word–just like doctor, accountant, and dentist. Everyone wants to hire a pro these days! Dating is not a D.I.Y. project.


LIVE Matchmakers are standing by for your introductory phone chat as your next step. We like to keep a “FULL LOVE TANK (of clients)” thanks to all of you new-bees and when we are not enrolling new clients we are matching our existing clients two at a time. There is always something to do in our loving office. Time management is key for our schedule and we are very selective with our time. This protects our clients (and you) too!




Set your intention to find REAL romance in 2023…and you will! It is that simple. Everyone can win in love if you position yourself to be received by good people who want the same as you. This is more organic than one would think. The signs are all around you.


I look forward to meeting you in my beautiful office soon which is located in Palm Beach Gardens (central to all of you). It is no wonder we chose to root our corporate headquarters in this area TEN YEARS AGO! So let’s get romance right this year and take the next step.


Talk to you soon!  Lights, camera, action!


Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day 2023! The love in me honors the love in you!




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Kelly Leary© has 32 years in the dating industry and a Masters Degree in Psychology. She’s been profiled by The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News, The Sun Sentinel, Vero Beach 32963 and many more over the years. Revolution Dating members are pre-screened including background checks.  Professional photos are taken by the staff.  Revolution Dating is not online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive club membership, Kelly and her team also provide feedback from your dates when appropriate. Call 561-630-XOXO (9696) or 772-932-HERE (4373) for a LIVE chat with a matchmaker. You may also visit us at *All inquiries are confidential.

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