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Revolution Dating Award-Winning Palm Beach Matchmaking Firm Launches New Hub in NYC

When a phone call that was supposed to be only 20 minutes turns to an hour you know it’s the real deal!  Meet Kelly Leary, M.S., CEO and Founder of Revolution Dating powered by A List Introductions. Kelly has her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and 33 years in the dating industry. She started her career as a matchmaker in a smaller firm in Boca Raton in 1991 while studying in Graduate School. Kelly quickly soared to the top of the industry and eventually was promoted as the figurehead of the flagship office of a national dating service located on Madison Avenue in the early 2000s. Now, twenty years later, Kelly returns to Madison Avenue and she is so excited to share her love with New York City and the Tri-State area again!


Kelly opened up Revolution Dating in 2014. She was already so well known, that her clients followed her. Clients and couples of this firm are notorious for jet-setting between Florida and the Tri-State Area. Launching a Hub in Manhattan was a natural next move for this exclusive matchmaking firm.

Her clients asked and she listened. “The timing is perfect with the advent of Wall Street South and the flight to Florida, I could no longer resist the invitation and the high demand in this area.” Being single in the city is not as easy as it may seem, as we know from the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.


Kelly is plugged in and connected and she is about to connect you too. Single, divorced, and widowed clients from their 20s to their 80s can now enjoy the gift of love in their own backyard. More than half of the club’s clientele fly home for the summer months–so now they have year-round dating options.


Revolution Dating clients and couples are cheering this northeastern love movement on and Kelly is so grateful for all of the support and love she has received from her clients for more than three successful decades. She is even more grateful to those that have been accepting of going public with their success stories. We do have strict confidentiality in our club which is great for high-profile singles like elected officials or high-net-worth individuals. Going public on a dating site is about the silliest thing a person in this position can do. Others just like privacy and wisely avoid social media and online dating. Hiring a matchmaker is like meeting through a trusted friend–but no one knows your business. Clients are anonymous until they meet, which is a nice insurance policy on sincerity and authenticity.


Right next to Kelly stands Miranda Capparelli. Miranda holds a BFA Degree and serves as the Head Matchmaker and COO of Revolution Dating alongside Kelly. They met several years ago in their home base yoga studio in Palm Beach. Also, a disciplined dancer and yoga teacher, Miranda is truly a natural in the love biz, according to Kelly. Being an encyclopedia on the dating industry, Kelly has a keen ability to read people by observation and has an eye for talent. Kelly recruited Miranda when she noted her thoughtfulness, staunch work ethic, and cheery disposition.


Together, these two lead the Love Movement in Manhattan as a dynamic duo. They both have contagious and infectious magnetism that draws people to them organically. Just look at them! Kelly also appreciates that together they span the modern dating culture combined with old-school traditional values. Kelly is not one for online dating or the internet. Her famous line is “I miss the eighties” as she says with a passionate laugh.


Kelly believes that we live in an over-digitalized world which can be counterproductive to relationships. She encourages people to love and live offline “IRL” (in real life). People are losing touch with each other and it’s taking a toll on many people–not just the youth. People are losing time, money, and emotion, on the internet. It is time to return to love and put those screens down in 2024.


Kelly has seen the best and the worst in the dating business. There are some matchmakers out there that charge more than $300,000 for representation. While Revolution Dating is worth that and more, she maintains her club dues at a reasonable rate, making the “membership investment” comfortable for many people, not just a few. In the same way that you can walk into a Louis Vuitton store, there is a wide range of selection and cost and it is up to the client to pick what works best for them–with the guidance of the team.


Some people want and need much more time, exclusivity, and coaching, while others just want to be in an offline dating higher-quality pool. This Firm is all about selection and collaboration. This is the who’s who of matchmaking and everyone who is accepted into the club is kind, successful and attractive. In 2024, there is no better way to connect than to hire a matchmaker.


Know that this Firm is REAL Matchmaking by real people with real hearts. Even a current client, Mitch, agrees that the volume is one he can’t believe.  He is a busy man but Kelly makes it her mission to be responsive to all of her clients. This is the matchmaking ticket, friends. This Madison Avenue-based Love Movement is spreading like wildfire.


“Being single in the city is not as easy…”


“They both have contagious and infectious magnetism…”




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