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So, How is Your Love Life?

By: Kelly Leary, M.S. & Miranda Capparelli


“To truly change the way we approach love, we have to go to the source of everything we do: our minds.” ―Todd Perelmuter


❤️Happy Valentine’s Month! Cupid’s arrow is bowed and couples are falling in love all over town thanks to us. The spotlight is on LOVE in February. Everyone is talking about it…and if they are not…trust us…they are THINKING about it. You can run but you cannot hide from LOVE in February. So, how is your love life? (please pause to think). Do you need a little help from super sweet cupids this month? Have no fear because our corporate headquarters is in your local area. How lucky could you be? As always, do share this valuable information with your single family and friends–particularly during this special month. They may be extra inspired to take action.


🏆Countless studies have shown that we are at our BEST in a healthy relationship. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT money, fame, or beauty that brings authentic happiness–it’s togetherness. In our line of work, we ask people of all ages, from 20 to 80 plus, what the happiest time in their life has been thus far, and everyone answers with the same theme: “The most enjoyable time in my life was when I was in a good relationship.”


🎯It makes perfect sense. When you are coupled, you have a partner to enjoy your free time with and a visionary with whom you can plan the future. You have a comrade to share the good times with and a rock you can lean on during the tough times. Two beats One any day of the week. You will have someone and something to look forward to at the end of every day, which is also essential for your mental and physical wellness.


🚩Deep down, no one wants to be single forever, just like no one would choose to be “stag” on any holiday. Yet, many will be alone this month or longer because they are not stepping up to “own” their love life. They are too comfy in their comfort zone. These people may blame others (or their ex) for their single status, which is a huge red flag. You are responsible for your relationship status.


🧐In the land of dating, individuals may find themselves stuck in patterns of blaming external factors for their single status instead of reflecting on their own actions, style, or mindset. Taking ownership of one’s love life involves self-awareness, self-improvement, and a willingness to face uncertainties.


Fear of losing freedom, rejection, or getting hurt can deter people from taking action, but individuals need to own that they are hindering their potential for romantic happiness. As we know, people are on-stage on a risky platform in online dating, so the nervousness is understandable. In contrast, qualified matchmakers vet singles and connect with each individual on a personal level. We are cheerleaders for our clients and enjoy boosting their confidence when needed. In various cases, we hold a mirror up to our clients if we see them getting in their own way. Tough love creates more success stories. We are lucky that our clients listen to us “most” of the time.


💪🏼It is essential to take responsibility for your love life and yourself. This mindset can lead to personal growth and increased chances of finding your grand finale relationship. Despite your challenges, pursuing love often requires a willingness to overcome fears and obstacles. Dating is a combat sport. You have to be willing to take some hits without having a meltdown.


🏈It is essential to know what “league” you should be dating in as well. You can not be a third-string player on a community football team and expect to date the head cheerleader of an NFL Team. If you have incredibly high standards, do you think you are equally yoked? Do your attributes match the attributes that you seek in a partner? Ask a brutally honest friend if you need clarification on this, or ask your matchmaker. We will tell you the truth, while your peers may not–and “most” of our clients appreciate this transparency within us.


💯Feel free to bend and weave while you date too. Know that someone is out there for everyone, and if you look in the right places, you WILL find your special someone! If low self-esteem is the culprit and you often think “No one will ever love me,” realize that you are wrong. We are all lovable. Start telling yourself: “I am lovable and deserve the best partner in the world.” Be optimistic! Get off the negative train already. It’s a road to nowhere. Is that where you want to go?


👯‍♀️Our team is happy to say that we are meeting more amazing single people than at any other time in our history. Times have changed–and so has our database and our matchmaking style. New candidates for men and women walk through our office doors daily. Inventory is up and climbing.


🍀We feel honored to work with so many attractive, successful, and upbeat clientele. The clientele we see now are too wise and too busy for online dating or the bar scene. Our clients are selectively seeking quality individuals…as they should!


In honor of love month, enjoy our last bit of advice today: “Treat yourself the way you want to be treated by others. Love yourself, and you will be loved.” Love the world, and it will love you back. It’s the LOVE MOVEMENT. Join US and enroll today!


Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes and Caviar Dreams to you all! Find love this year–with yourself and with others. We are obsessed with 2024, so let’s make it even better–TOGETHER! Thank you for sharing your time with us today. We appreciate all of you.


Xoxo – Kelly & Miranda
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Revolution Dating Founder and CEO, Kelly Leary, has 33 years in the dating industry and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology. She has also been written about in The Palm Beach Post, PalmBeacher Magazine, Stuart News, Modern Luxury Palm Beach, and Modern Luxury Manhattan plus many more. Revolution Dating members are pre-screened in person including background checks. Professional photos are taken by the staff. Revolution Dating is NOT online dating or blind dating. In addition to providing matchmaking services that make singles “UN-single” through their exclusive club memberships, Kelly and her team also provide feedback from your dates when appropriate. Mock Dates are available by request. Single Coaching Sessions and Evaluations are also available by request for non-members or as an add-on to some memberships. *All inquiries are confidential. *By demand, we now have a Manhattan/TriState area Hub for our many North East clients with two homes. Do call the main hotline for more information 561-630-XOXO (9696).

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